Behavioral Finance: all You Need to Know to Score High Grades

What is behavioral finance?

Business decisions made by individuals and organizations are, apart from the rational thoughts, affected by a number of other factors. These factors can be emotional, psychological, cognitive or social and they play a crucial role in influencing the thought process and hence the financial decisions of businessmen or business organization. Very recently, a new branch of study has emerged which takes into consideration these factor and studies these factors and their influence on financial decision. The branch of study is referred to as behavioral finance. A related division of study is behavioral economics and they both cover a huge range of concepts, theories, fields and methods.

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Essential features of behavioral finance:

There are certain themes which are dominant in the study of behavioral finance, and they are:

  • Heuristics:

This suggests that most decisions are taken based on approximation or what may be known as the rule of thumb and not on any concrete logic

  • Framing:

Every individual has certain mental filters which they use to judge or evaluate situations and events. These are usually a number of stereotypes and anecdotes, a collection of them so as to say.

  • Inefficiencies of the market:

This refers to the instances where completely irrational financial decisions are taken, for instance a case of mispricing.

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Advantages of behavioral finance:

Studying Behavioral Finance highlights a number of anomalies, including:

  • Over or inadequate reaction to information which strikes as causes of market trends.
  • Reaction to bubbles or crashes or similar extreme market condition.
  • Dissimilarities between intention to acquire and preserving resources.

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