10 Emerging Technologies of 2017 That Are Shaping the Future of Education

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Back in ancient times, education was a mode of teaching to students how to become a great monarch and protect his territory. It apart from warfare included a complete knowledge of basic science, and economy.

However, it was merely a handful students who had to be taught back then. A single room, a shade under a huge tree was more than enough to impart knowledge to students.

Rushing forward to 21st century, we have almost every other child going to school trying to learn a new dimension of life. In this case, contrary to old times, we have to be more smart, progressive in thinking and make sure that the benefits of technology is properly used.

New emerging technology:

With digitalisation increasing with every passing day, gone are the days when actually sitting down with the books bounded by strips of paper has become quite narrow. With online technology, rising with every moment, e books, e journals and various other online sources have made their way into this domain of education.

Rather than general books, the whole aspect of studying from online sources is quite enchanting. On a personal note, I have seen that online sources have a wider variety of material and a whole range of perspectives to bring onto the plate.

Also, in today’s times students mostly avoid going to the libraries. They rather like to cut it short and make it a click away with the mouse to get all the information required. Education has become a digital commodity with technology springing up at every step.

Thus, as per personal experience I would definitely say that this digitalisation of education has helped students in reaching out to this whole aspect of gaining of knowledge in a much better and wider manner.

Various technologies that are gaining ground over time:

  1. Mobile Learning:

Mobile phone is one electronic gadget that is there in almost every other child’s hand. It is quite a different issue as to how this phone is used, but definitely it can be used in a far better manner.

By having a mobile, a whole lot of educational apps can be downloaded from where students will get a range of information. This will help them get all the required knowledge regarding various topics.

Since an internet connection is available with every android phone, hence downloading those apps and learning from them is not a hassle. Rather, for students who are technology-freak, going back to the libraries and doing the whole range of reference work is quite tiresome. With their mobiles, rather they can sit back at their place and continue browsing through different educational materials.

Also, they can ask questions online in these apps, which will be solved. Thus, learning and education has become digital mode, making it all the more far reaching.

  1. Cloud Computing:

This cloud based Brazilian Learning Organizer, helps in sharing of digital learning procedure by teachers with their students. This will help them in sitting at one place and engaging students from various sections of the country at times even different countries and explaining a common topic to them.

This type of digital learning helps in increasing the base of the education system and also extends the whole concept of spread of knowledge to a wider area. In this way, they can educate and enlighten a greater number of people than they actually can in a restricted classroom frame.

With the New Year coming in, there have been certain changes made in this process. Now students from around five countries can connect with each other and also choose subjects of their own liking. The teachers will be providing all the relevant material and hence they will be educated as per their choice and their timings.

  1. Learning by means of Tablet:

In this era of gadgets, rather than carrying a host of textbooks in your hand, it is better to have a tablet that provides all the required information needed for that particular subject of study.

In this case, personalised environment can be set in the tabs, where the students can learn as per their own rate and choice. So the whole learning process becomes faster and easier. In this manner, students can learn more.

Also, by asking questions online they can immediately get answers. The tabs can be used for learning of analytics and other aspects of education as well. This is especially suitable for educating children who find the regular process of learning quite tedious. Not just that they learn in a better manner, but in this way they can also retain things in a better way.

The year 2016, will also bring in a whole range of ways to enhance education for differently able and visually challenged people. A whole variety of new features have been enrolled in the tabs, where they can help the visually challenged students to learn the whole thing in a better and easier way.

The newly invented haptic technology is integrated in these touchscreen devices and hence the whole tab gets a new feel especially for visually impaired and differently able students. They tend to learn by feeling the vibrations and the shapes and figures that are felt on the touchscreen.

  1. Analytics Learning:

This is a type of data analysis, wherein there is interaction between students to make a more customized and better experience in education. It uses analysis models, student data and various other measures to make sure that the student’s performance is well monitored. In this way, students will also learn and get more accustomed regarding their performance; they will be able to judge themselves as to how their performance is and how they will better that.

This program is a well- integrated developed one where they can actually monitor the whole process, and give detailed information regarding the progress of the child. This is a coded program, where the whole process of studying and providing the concerned education in a variety of subjects is well monitored.

Since every child has special needs peculiar to them, so in this customized study option is provided. In this way, teachers will get a unique feedback about every student and thus, every student’s need for getting proper education will be fulfilled.

  1. Video tutorials:

This is one new method that is immensely gaining ground with time. In this, teachers while teaching a specific topic in class, records them simultaneously. Thus, a complete coverage of that specific topic is now available. After this, they upload them at their own respective study sights or even YouTube, from where students can check out and study them as per their convenience. They can also leave questions for their teachers which will be solved and answered in due course of time.

  1. Open content:

This is a type of content that is created by a group of teachers and left out on various websites for students to check out. Once, a set of students check out, and say they like it, then this group of teachers put in more material on that specific topic.

This trend is increasing with every passing day and is expected to see a boom in near future, simply because of the increase in web activity. The moment they get a minimum traffic regarding their one site, they will try to increase that flow with every passing time, helping out students.

  1. Online programs:

This is a type of program, wherein special programs and tutorials are given online. Special spaces are created by various groups  regarding various subjects. For e.g.: there are special spaces called ‘mathspace’, ‘englishspace’ and others. These are syllabus specific online programs generally associated with a certain college or university. In this way, they can usually learn new data, solve problems easily and thereby make a chapter easier to learn and retain.

A new program called ‘cognitive therapy’ has also been invented especially for students with language and learning disorders. In this way, they will not be left out of the domain of education.

  1. Gamification:

The whole process of game based learning is gaining ground. This is a means of integrating various gaming technology within texts, in order to provide a real life experience to students. This is especially beneficial for children, who tend to find the normal routine of studies quite tedious.

  1. 3D Printing:

This is especially suitable for students of anthropology and geology. They can take fossils and other artefacts in real life and then interact with them. Even for students of organic chemistry, they can print out protein models and other such specific models and continue with their experiments in that zone.

There is also another technology integrated in this, where students can wear certain gadgets, at times a GPS enabled camera or other small gadgets by means of which they can keep a track of the updates and make their educational progress.

  1. Remote and virtual laboratories:

This is one technique where students are given ample freedom in making a number of experiments as per their choice. Just in case, one experiment does not work out, they can always perform a whole range of other experiments in the lab to prove their point. This flexibility is a must in case of getting a perfect education.

Thus, with the New Year 2016 ringing in, the education industry is definitely in for an enhanced mode.

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