Cancellation and Refund Policy

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All payments received from you for the services that University Homework Help provided will be deemed as final. In cases of refunds, it will be subjected to verification and authorization and will only be accepted if proper production of adequate proof is met. But, for instance such as having incorrect double charging from your debit or credit cards we will give you full refund.

University Homework Help also provide adequate revision services for the academic papers that our specialists wrote for you. Additionally, if you request for modification and revision of the work, our specialists are most welcome to cater to your needs with absolute no additional charge in order to guarantee your full satisfaction.

Any homework, assignment, project, plan or educational help that University Homework Help has provided to you is only for the purpose of helping you acquire a much deeper understanding of the topic, and is not meant to alter or change any efforts necessary by you as part of your educational course curriculum.

For cancellations, refunds and other similar concerns, please read the following guidelines below for a better understanding of our policy.

Request for Cancellation
You can cancel a project only with the following conditions listed below:
1. All requests for cancellation should be made within 2 hours of sending the payment. After 2 hours of non-cancellation is deemed considered as an agreement between you and University Homework Help and no request of cancellation will be catered.

2. For projects made with us that have Same Day Delivery priority, there will be no cancellations accepted even if you requested for the cancellation 2 hours before the given time.

3. All requests for cancellation are subject to verification, authorization and approval from University Homework Help.

Refund Policy
Refunds will only be allowed under 2 distinct conditions listed below:

1. Your homework, assignment, project, plan, and any other services requested from University Homework Help were not delivered.

2. Your homework, assignment, project, plan and any other services requested from University Homework Help were not delivered on time or within prescribe due date.

Summary of Refunds:
Refund is allowed only when a particular homework, assignment, project, plan or any other services requested from us were not delivered within the delivery schedule and when you notify us to stop the processing of your order. Refund in this case is approved without any further assessment.

Refund is not allowed when your order is not delivered within the due date, but you failed to notify us to stop working and no follow through with the project. This is because when no formal request to stop the project from you, it only means that you still agree even if the due date has passed until the project is completed.

Revision and Modification
In case of revisions or modifications from the completed work, it will only be entertained by University Homework Help if the due date has not yet exceeded. However, if you request for any revisions or modifications knowing that the due date has already exceeded, no refund will be catered.

Terms and Conditions of Refund
Your request for refund is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of University Homework Help. Please go along and read it before forwarding with your request for refund.

Refunds will not be approved without the complete facts and appropriate proofs and reasons. University Homework Help will seek for the necessary evidence that shows that our work is termed as poor service and did not meet you’re the required requirements of your account.

Your refund can’t be approved if you have changed your original requirement, which is submitted at the start of your request for project. Changing of your described requirements will deny any further request for refund.

Further, any email message which formally asks University Homework Help for your request for refund will never be considered. If you have issues and concerns with our services, you must submit an authenticated school grade with the projects we have made to act as valid proof that our services is indeed is poor.

If multiple modifications and revisions have been made with University Homework Help, then no request for refund will be catered. Further, multiple follow-ups will be entertained for a fixed number of times, as believed to be proper by University Homework Help.

Likewise, no request for refund will be entertained after the service has been delivered on time. For issues and concerns with modifications and revisions, it should be addressed within 15 days from the due date. In case of lengthy projects, University Homework Help will still be there to offer support even if the project is time consuming.

Your request for modification or revision will be termed as extra work after the said 15 days period. With this, extra payment will be asked from you for the expert’s extra assistance. Further, no refund claims will be issued with multiple cases such as this.

Your request for refund will also be not catered if you fail to provide the exact issues or pinpoint the service that is a failure to you. Only appropriate issues, concerns and problems will be entertained for your request for refund. Just contact University Homework Help through email messaging or chat support to show your reasons for the refund request. If you fail to follow the said procedures, then you will not be entertained by our customer service representatives.

Cancellation of Plan
If you want to cancel your plan with University Homework Help for any reason, you may do so by visiting the website, signing in to your account and clicking the appropriate link on your account page. Further you may also call the hotline number of University Homework Help stipulated at the website. When you cancel your plan subscription with University Homework Help, charging from your debit and credit cards will also stop.

Please contact us immediately for any concerns, questions, issues or suggestions regarding your cancellation, or refund of your payments with University Homework Help. Thank you for your continued patronage with us!

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