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An essay is a written composition of moderate length that explores a particular issue or a subject. They are a piece of writing that given an author’s own argument, but vague definition, that overlaps those of an article or a story.

Essays consists of a number of elements including:learned arguments, daily life observations, literary criticism, political declaration, and the reflections of the author. The concept of essay is extended to other means beyond writing. A film essay is like a movie which incorporates documentary film making techniques which focuses on the evolution of a theme or an idea. Knowing the ideas behind essay writing will be an essay writing help to students.

In some countries, essay writing has become a main part of formal education in a form of questions needing a free answer. Structured essay formats are thought to secondary school students to improve in their writing skills, essays are used by universities and colleges in various countries in selecting applicants.

Essays are used to judge the student’s comprehension and mastery of a material in secondary choose and tertiary educations. Students may be asked to comment on a topic, or explain a topic in the form of an essay. In some countries, students often required to complete some amounts of essays prepared in some weeks or months. Essays with long word limit of about 2000 and 5000 words are more argumentative. They sometimes begin with a literature review a short summary of a previously written topic. Long essays also contain a page for introduction in which words and phrases are highly defined.

Types and forms of essay writing
They include descriptive essay, dialectic essay, history essay, narrative essay, critical essay, economic essay.

1. Descriptive essay
Descriptive essay is characterized by details which appeal to the senses physically, also to the reader’s intellectual and physical sensibilities.

2. Dialectic essay
Dialectic essay, commonly used in philosophy, the writer makes a theory and argument, and then objects to their arguments known as a counter argument,and then finally counters that counter argument with a final argument.

3. Historically essay
History essay is also referred to as thesis essay, describes a claim or an argument about one or more events in history and supports this argument with evidence or reference.

4. Narrative essay
Narrative essay uses tools like transitions, flash forwards and flashbacks, used to establish a point of view or to organize a narrative.

5. Critical essay
This is an argumentative piece, aimed at presenting an objective analysis to the subject and narrowed into a single topic. Providing either a positive opinion or a negative opinion is the main idea of a critical essay or criticism, and this requires analysis, Research, strong logic and good structure.

6. Economic essay
Economic essay starts with a thesis or a theme, taking either a narrative or descriptive course. It could be argumentative if the writer feels the need to make it that way. After an introduction, the author is obliged to expose, analyze evaluate and draw a conclusion of the economic matter at hand.

Essays very much appear in magazines. Magazines and newspapers make use of the essay types described above. There are also some non literary types of essays which include films, music, photographs and visual arts.

Tips for essay writing
Although there are many advanced academic papers, and each have their own basis, high school and college essay follow the standard five paragraph essay structure. It is not the only format available for writing an essay but it is useful enough for you to keep in mind.

The five paragraph essay include
Paragraph 1 : the introduction
Paragraph 2 : body 1
Paragraph 3 : body 2
Paragraph 4 : body 3
Paragraph 5 : conclusion

1. Introductory paragraph
The primary purpose of introduction is to present your thesis or argument on the subject matter. It tells the reader what your essay is about and must involve a hook that the first paragraph of the body hangs on.

Body 1 first paragraph
This should contain the most clever illustration, the strongest argument, or the most significant example.

Body 2 second paragraph
This should contain a medium strength argument, not too strong and not too weak. The last sentence of this paragraph should have a tie into the Last paragraph body, which is the third paragraph.

Body 3 this should contain the final and weakest argument concerning the subject.

Conclusion paragraph
This includes a summary of the introduction and the three main parts of the essay the body, and a final statement which gives the reader the idea that the essay subject matter has come to an end.

This is the copying of another person’s idea or creative work and presenting it as your own. When writing an essay, you should make sure it is plagiarism free and from your own idea, so you can create an ideal work you can be proud of.

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