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Terms of Use / Terms and Conditions
Before proceeding, please read the complete information in the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully.
By entering this site, you indicate your acceptance to all the Terms and Conditions. However, if you think you have any doubt or does not agree to all of these, might as well not use this site.

The site may use their ability to revise and update the Terms and Conditions at any given time. Further, the continued entering and using of the site means you are accepting all the revisions and updates being made.

Proper Use of the Site
The site is strictly for informational purposes only. There is no way that the information found in the site such as information gathered from the medical experts should be allowed as an alternative for medical advice, treatment and diagnosis. It only educates readers on various health care and medical concerns. The site does not establish the practice of several medical care advice, treatment or diagnosis.

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This helpful site offers a perfect stage for users to ask questions to the site’s medical experts with regard to any health and medical concerns. It is a good location for users to communicate with these experts. As such there is a mutual communication between the user and the expert. However, there is no single representation or warranty about the willingness of the experts to reply to the user. Further, there is also no guarantee as to whether the user will find satisfaction in the answer to the question given by the expert. As such, there is also no guarantee is the reply to the question will give sufficient solution. Moreover, there is also no assurance if all the answers to the question will be suitable for the users.

The site does not offer any referral, endorsement, recommendations, verifications, or verifications on the information or service offered by the medical experts. The site has no liability for any damage sustained from the reliance of the user on specific information.

User Communications
The communications exchange between the user and the site experts are not confidential, personal or private. In addition, there is also a possibility that it will be posted publicly on various public locations on the site and other areas as desired by the site. However, only the user name will be included and its questions will have the opportunity to be published. There is an assurance that the full information such as complete name and other identifications will not be included in the posting.

Contribution License
Contributors who wish to be part of the site are all welcome. But, all contributions are automatically granted to be the property of the site. And you have automatically granted full authority to the site which is truly irrevocable, transferable, perpetual, non-exclusive, translate and distribute the contributions for any reason, purpose, advertisement, etc. The use of such contributions may also in any kind of format that the site wants and in any media channels they prefer as long as it is related to the purpose of the site. The site has also the right to alter, edit, or update the contributions to put them in a more precise area of publication.

No Provision of Medical Advice
The site definitely does not provide any medical advice. All the content written and shown including all information and photos are from qualified medical experts. Moreover, all written contents are for informational purposes only. It is not declared to be an alternative for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult first the advice, recommendations and treatment of your personal medical provider for all your medical questions. Do not in any way, disregard or throw the option of seeking medical advice just because you have read something different from other sites.

In case of any medical emergency, immediately call for help. The site does not recommend any of the information found on the site for your medical emergency.

If you’ve seen any sexually explicit information related to the medical articles on the site, please discontinue the use of the site.

Privacy of Children
This site is not envisioned or proposed to attract children under the age of 13. The only priority is to protect the privacy of children. No personal identification information is required to use this site when the site identifies that the reader is under the age of 13.

User Content
The contents in the site are all protected by copyright under local and foreign laws. Any use of the content not clearly allowed by the Terms and Condition is definitely a breach of the Terms and Conditions and may as well violate either the trademark, copyright or any other law concern. Additionally, the content and features are all subject to site changes or termination without further notice.

If in any instance, you violate any of the Terms and Conditions, the consent to use the content in the site is immediately terminated. Further, all copies made and save from the content must also be immediately be destroyed.

You acknowledge and agree to the rights of the site from all your questions, comments, suggestions, feedbacks and any given information about the site delivered by you to the site. Further, all these submissions are non-confidential and the site is entitled to its limitless use and distribution of the said submissions.

You are solely responsible for the password given on the site. Subsequently, you are accountable for taking all reasonable actions to make sure that no one can access your password unauthorized. You have the responsibility of taking control of the password dissemination and use of your sign in name, user name and password. Monitoring, controlling and authorizing of your site account is also your full responsibility. If and if your account has been compromised, you also have the liability of prompting the site of such instance. Immediately contact us if you need to deactivate the account.

Intellectual Property rights
The content on the site and the trademarks, logos as well as the service marks are license owned by the site itself. All of these are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights are under both the local and foreign laws and conventions. In addition, there are no limits on what is the content. From source code, database, software, texts and the likes are all without limits. The trademarks and trade dress are not allowed to be used in any way. It cannot also be copied, counterfeit or used without prior written authorization from the site.

The site’s content is provided to the readers only for your personal information and use. It should not be in any way copied, reproduced, used, distributed, broadcasted, sold, displayed or otherwise exploited for any other purposes without the deem approval of the site. The site has the sole right of retrieving any distribution, reproduction, selling and aggregation of the contents. If otherwise you have downloaded or printed any copy of the content for personal use, you must hold on to all copyrighted materials contained therein. The use and access being granted to you does not include the right to use tools such as robots, spiders, data mining and other related data gathering software.

Complete Agreement
These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between the user and the site except only if there is a legal notice being provided.

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