10 Life Hacks Resolving Your’ help Me with My English Homework’ Query

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We have all been through that phase of boredom where our huge plethora of time went into completing annoying homework. Worse still, this had to be done right after we got back from school and we never understood the point as to what importance homework holds, when all day long, we’ve already been at school.

Annoying or otherwise, homework is still considered to be a very prominent part of academic excellence. This might partly be due to the stereotypic view coming down for many years and also due to the fact that effort put in some way, determines a child’s vehemence in a specific domain.

Here are some amazing steps resolving your ‘help me with my English homework’ issue:

  1. Prepare and select a calm and quiet place:

Try to start your work at a peaceful corner of your home, of which you are entirely confident of not having any distractions. Your bedroom or the living area might sound less appropriate for this task since there is every possibility you might get distracted.

You can also try to make a little study of your own, by gathering your required supplies on a table, with a little distinctive separation from the din of the family.

  1. Stick to a particular timing:

You perfectly know your timings of the school and your return to home. Bear these in mind and just chalk out your preferred timing and stick to this duration every day to complete your homework. So instead of asking ‘help me with my English homework,’ make things easier for yourself at the earliest.

  1. Cut down on your further Distractions:

This would basically need you to pre-notify your siblings and family members to bestow you with some privacy during the specific time duration that you’ve allotted for homework. Further, try to switch off your cell phone, shut the door, log off the computer and cut yourself off from any other thing that you might find distracting while your homework is being done.

  1. Re-arrange your apparatus:

Messy surroundings lead to an unclear mind. So, have a weekly or a fortnightly clean-up process lined up to organize your study material. Doing this would also help you in easily finding your things on the right and the required time.

  1. Plan on your English homework:

Working on your English assignments is not that heavy a chore provided you carefully decide on your priorities. Instead of asking everyone ‘help me with my English homework,’ follow these simple steps to simplify your English homework:

  • Look for Inspiration– Gather diverse ideas regarding different lists of English homework. This task would primarily need you to press your focus on your specific chunk of work. See what you’re working on. Is it an essay, a letter, a comprehension or something else?
  • Brainstorm- Map your ideas and make a list of the things that you need to apply to your work. Work on the body of your essay or whatever you’re framing.
  • Write in an Easy-To-Understand-Way- Make sure that your flow of matter is consistent and durable. Garner the connectivity of one paragraph with that of another, using distinctive breaks. Line up your points by choosing to write on one point to complete one paragraph.
  • Rise on your Efficiency- Doing up your English homework would require a little proficiency from your end in regard to keeping a check on the wavy flow of your contents. Check from time to time if you are getting inclined away from your main, larger topic.
  • Recheck your Grammar– Once you are through with the writing and checking, begin to flip through those areas of your work where you have made changes. These might actually turn out to be those points where your grammar can get conflicted, in view of the sudden changes you might have made.
  1. Maintain the day timing rather than night:

It is quite natural for all of us to have a tensed corner in our minds when we have some project due. You may rush to your sibling or friends asking ‘help me with my English homework.’Working in the night, in this case, might not be a bad idea. But, working in the day might let you avoid panicking since you know that there is a lot of time left.

  1. Ensure that you have clarity on your Homework:

Do not be afraid to ask your elders or teachers, for something that you do not understand, in doing your homework. Getting your doubts solved beforehand, will make you clear in understanding what exactly needs to be done.

  1. Line up your other assignments which are not due the nextday:

 Now, this doesn’t mean you should entirely leave the other work assignments. Just make a judicious postponement based on the time allotted to it. However, if you know you’ll forget, it is better to complete the given work on the very same day.

  1. Advance through your studies in a smart way:

Do not pressurize yourself in terms of adhering to the assignment all through the stipulated time. Take considerable breaks. Keep them short. But use these breaks actually to relax. You might do any of the following things in your healthy break time:

  • Eat a fruit.
  • Play a song. Remember, just one. Do not drag yourself into lengthening your break-time.
  • Take a walk in the open. Just breathe fresh air. This would energize your spirit.
  • Talk to someone. Talk about small things. Again, remember not to elongate anything into an argument or a discussion. Do not forget; you are on a short, relaxing break.
  1. Accomplishers need Rewards:

If you find yourself working really great on all the above-mentioned terms, treat yourself. Plan on a weekend trip. Have a pizza. Watch a movie. Or, do something that would make you feel better and would have you going on continuing the spirit.

Here are some answers to those of you who find it difficult to overcome distractions:

Do you find yourself clinging on to those unchangeable habits no matter how hard you try? Try the below steps and see a change for yourself?

  1. Prioritize precisely what you are exactly working on. Focus on it. Remember, only it.
  2. Set a timer, a timer of a short span, to begin with. Say 5-10 minutes. Keep checking the progress you are making and whether or not you are focused in that duration. Once you have found yourself making it up, escalate your time duration.
  3. Getting frustrated at the point when you aren’t focused is not going to help. Stop pondering over your weakness. Just re-shift your attention to your goal.
  4. Do not let your concentration loiter about. Practice short-time meditation breaks. This helps you in gathering your lost focus.
  5. Self-motivate. There is no better motivation than realizing and doing it on your own.
  6. Introspect from time to time. Analyze your weaknesses and strengths. Talk to yourself about what else needs to be done to overcome distractions.

Following these steps is actually not possible given the fact that we are all stuck to our own comfort zones. But perseverance and the courage to take it up and pursue it will definitely take you through progressive successes.

So, don’t lose hope and don’t panic asking ‘help me with my English homework.’ Don’t stop continuing it even if you find yourself failing every time. Just be confident and happy Studying!

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