10 Things to Do and 10 Things to Avoid Before Final Exam

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See, there’s a very obvious reason behind the fact that some students always score well in exams and others don’t. Yes, intelligence is certainly a factor, but more importantly, it depends on the choices that students make. What one needs is the brain of an average student but the zeal of a winner. If you think you’ve got it, here is the rest of the info that can fetch you your desired grades.

I’m going to divide the strategies into two segments: the things you should and shouldn’t do before an exam. Let us begin with the do’s.

10 things that one must do before the finals

  1. Time is an expensive resource, use it wisely:

As the exam date approaches, a student’s productivity must also increase. Put chains and shackles on your wandering mind for a few days, and focus on your books. At this point, you’ve got to use your time very wisely, and while you spend time idling, others might be getting ahead!

  1. Understanding what you’re learning helps in remembering:

Don’t study for the sake of it. Students can spend the whole year pretending to study while they focus more on their cell phones, but right before exams one must get serious. This is the time when you do or die. So don’t just go through your chapters, but try to understand them. If a concept is clear in your mind, you’ll remember it without any trouble.

  1. Get all the answers:

At the last moment, students might come up with some new queries or realize they have some doubts. One must get all these doubts cleared before leaving for the examinations. Even if it’s the night before the exam, do not hesitate to get help. Luckily for students, there are these amazing online assignment help services available nowadays, which are available even at the oddest hours. They immediately connect students with professional tutors who can answer all doubts and state the solution for all kinds of problems.

  1. Revise and Revise until you know the laws like song lyrics:

Yeah, I mean it! You still remember that jingle from the Television ad you heard as a kid, and you think you can’t remember some laws? Guess again!

  1. No need to turn yourself into a slave:

It’s okay to take short breaks in between. No one’s going to whip you for that. Studying at a stretch for too long cramps up the brain, and after a certain point, the mind loses its capability to retain new information. One might also end up forgetting what they have already learnt. So intervals in-between chapters are very, very crucial.

  1. Make an effort to create long term memory:

In short, if you have the time, write down the important points that you’re learning. This will serve two purposes: firstly, you’ll remember those things betters; secondly, before entering the exam hall, the student can have a quick look at the jotted down important points.

  1. Get a little nosy:

Try to enquire what you’re friends are studying. Make sure you figure out if they are doing something extra which you aren’t doing or if there’s anything that you were missing out on.

  1. Believe in your own preparation, avoid nervous breakdowns:

The previous advice can turn out to be dangerous for students who tend to get much stressed when they see others are getting ahead. So, it is better if such students avoid prying. Instead, have faith in your preparation, look out for loopholes by yourself, work hard and give your best performance.

  1. Take adequate rest, avoid whole night study sessions:

Study during the day and sleep at night. Don’t mess up your regular routine or it might affect your health. Also, it is of immense importance that students get adequate rest on the night before the exam. Without proper sleep and rest, neither your body nor your mind can function properly, so, careful with that!

  1. Keep Calm and Don’t over think:

Some students have this habit of getting very anxious before the finals, and then succumbing to panic attacks and what not! But really, what good is that going to do? Will over thinking fetch you marks? No, it won’t! Hence, stop stressing and instead invest the time in preparing yourself for the exam or just rest your mind for a while.

10 things one must avoid before the finals

Now we get to the don’ts. Here are those 10 forbidden tracks which the students must avoid treading at all cost during the exams.

  1. Say no to joint ventures:

Avoid your friends like plague! When four buddies get together, we all know the books feel ignored. But if you can arrange a group study session with the studious topper, that can be permitted. What I’m trying to suggest here is know what’s good you. No one knows your circle better than you do, so if a student thinks that a group study session with friends will seriously get things done, he can go for it. Otherwise, the suggestion is to give it a miss.

  1. Focus on your progress and do not get carried away:

Like I already mentioned, some students cannot bear the fact that others are getting ahead. May be someone else has completed a greater part of the syllabus, so what? Perhaps he is not doing it as seriously as you are! Don’t bother about others and stay focused.

  1. Do not put too much pressure on your hand:

Yes, one must practice writing to improve his speed and to remember things better, but one must not put too much pressure on their fingers or they might get stiff while writing the paper! That would be a pretty bad situation!

  1. Get some distance from the phone and the laptop:

Major reasons for the attention deficiency visible in today’s generation. You cannot read two pages without checking your Whatsapp, Can you? These are the things one must avoid during finals. So the gadgets must be kept out of reach while one is studying.

  1. Don’t sit with the book all day:

This will drive you crazy and leave you frustrated. That’s not how one should get things done. Fix study hours and stick to them diligently. Also, when it’s not study-hour anymore, do not go near the books.

  1. Exercise some control over the foodie inside of you:

No binge eating, no unhealthy food, no reckless eating before the exams. One simply cannot afford to fall sick in these times and therefore one must be careful. Healthy diets must be followed and one must eat at proper times. During exams, one’s personal routine goes for a toss, so the digestive system definitely needs some assistance.

  1. No over working:

Avoid studying late or studying for too long. Take rest when you need it. The mind works overtime during the exams and consequently one feels more tired. On top of that, if you start denying yourself the required hours of sleep, your body might not be able to withstand the strain.

  1. Don’t leave things for the last moment:

No one can get things done before they enter the exam hall. That’s an absolutely impractical plan, so whatever needs to done, must be done while there is still some time left.

  1. Don’t be too careless about everything except the syllabus:

Don’t get so immersed in your studies that you forget to carry along important things like the pen, calculator or ID card during the exam. It’s better to keep all the important things and documents packed beforehand, so that you can simply pick them up before leaving.

  1. Do not give in to stress at any cost:

If at any point you feel you’re forgetting things, revise them quickly once more. If things get too hard, just breathe in and breathe out, calm yourself, tell yourself you can do it and start again. It’s very important that you don’t give up on yourself. Nothing is unattainable if a person believes he can do it.

Lastly, it is only an exam. Keep that in mind. Yes it might be very important for you but no single exam can judge you or determine your entire future. If it’s important, work hard for it, give it your best effort, but there’s no use in stressing yourself for the sake of it.

As you must already know, some of the richest people in the world today never finished their Graduation. Some even dropped out from High School, and yet see where they are now! No, I’m not encouraging you to follow that path but my point is, if you really have the determination to achieve something, you’ll do it no matter what! So buckle up and study hard, but don’t lose your mind over it!

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