10 Ways to Help Your Kids with Their Assignment

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Managing homework is very essential for every grade of students. But, can homework really help students to succeed? Homework is known to be an essential tool which can help students to keep them track of classroom studies and also revise their lessons to get good grades in exam. Though there are online sites available which can help you in homework, but implementing few rules in life can certainly make your life easier.

Academic performance- concern for parents

Parents are very much concerned about the academic performance of their kids. Sometimes they would fix up an appointment with class teachers and would discuss about their kids performance in class. You will often find that parents would ask few basic questions to teachers:

1.    How is my child performing in class?
2.    What significance these assessment results have?
3.    Which field of subject does my child need extra attention?
4.    How can parents help them to excel in study?

As parents it is necessary to understand that every child is different and so it is useless to compare with each other. Therefore, identifying their strength and weakness will definitely help parents to work on their kids.

While talking of the importance of assessment, it is vital for parents to understand that such assessments can work in favor of students. It helps to monitor the progress of your kids and they can precisely work on detail of their subject.

10 ways to help kids in homework

Homework plays a crucial role in the life of students. You might have encountered at some point that your kids are struggling with their daily homework. There is no chance of avoiding it! So, being a concerned parents how can you help your kids? Here are 10 ways through which homework can be done conveniently:

1.    Avoid all kind of distractions

Parents can turn off their TV and allow children to focus on their task. But, is it enough? What about the cell phones of Dad and Mom? Yes, your phones can be a great distraction for children. Switch them off for few hours and give your child the confidence on relying on their sources of assistance. Show respect to your child’s focus and concentration on studies.

2.    Build up good study habits

While working at your office, it is obvious to have a day plan which needs to be accomplished by the end of the day. Similarly, it is also needed in case of your children. Try to develop a good sense of studying habits. Help them in maintaining personal calendar that would contain tasks and assignments, so that your child can work on task based on their priority.

3.    Get into discussion with teachers

It would certainly help if you can talk with all the teachers of your kids. This is the best way to learn about their expectation from your child and what can you do to make your kids best. It is surely a good idea to get involved in parents-teachers meeting and school events. It is a part of being responsible parents and makes you aware of your child’s activity in school.

4.    Have specified hours for studying

To do the homework a schedule needs to be set for kids. This is the only way youngsters can manage their homework every day. Once the homework gets delayed because of some other activities, then there is a less chance of getting it finished within time. Having a specified time for assignments would help youngsters to keep up their commitments and become a responsible student in class.

5.    Studying is more than doing assignments

Though studying would help your kids do homework well and vice-versa. It is also necessary for parents to encourage child to do following things:

A. Take proper notes while reading a chapter.
B. Study tables and charts.
C. Try to summarize the content in own words.
D. Learn to skim up the material.

Once these steps are followed, it becomes convenient to study and manage homework which can further help in exams.

6.    Taking notes is an important skill

There are many students who might not be able to take up notes in classes. Some students may write down every word of their teachers while others just fail to cope up with speedy lectures. As a student it is necessary to know the important and valuable information delivered by teachers. Well-prepared teachers would come up with materials that can give an outline of study which can be essential in note-taking.

7.    Check schoolwork of children

Make it a habit of checking all class work of children and then give them the necessary feedback. Do not help them to do their homework as it would make your child completely dependent on you. Rather act as assistance and show them the path whenever they fail to cope up with difficulties of homework. Be a source of inspiration to your kids which can motivate them to give complete effort in homework.

8.    Give your child confidence to handle tests

Appearing for tests can be stressful for many students. But, it is a part and parcel of academic life. So, explain your child that studying a night before tests cannot be very productive. Always remember to take proper test before the day of exam. This would help to keep mind fresh and can recall all your studies. Guide your child in right direction and make sure that they read the directions carefully before writing their test papers.

9.    Encourage your kids to take break

Encourage your kids to take short breaks in between their studies. This is the best way through which they can relax and refuel their mind. For students who are in higher grades, often lose their focus while dealing with tough assignments. Have a constant check on kids after every few hours and ensure that they take breaks to stretch their legs and have some snacks before they return back to their studies.

10.    Maintain a home dictionary

Having a dictionary on shelf which would gather dust won’t help anyone in the house. Therefore, refer to the dictionary from time to time and become an inspiration to kids. Ensure that the dictionary is kept in an easily accessible place so that your child can grab it whenever necessary. Help them to adopt the good habit of making use of dictionary in his study. This would not only strengthen vocabulary, but would also give a good knowledge on different terms.

Skills + practice leads to success

Tying up the need of homework with kid’s desire is not about pressurizing them to do something that they don’t want. Rather it is the effective way to perform work seriously which would help them succeed in life. At some point of time all of us need to do certain activities which we actually don’t want to perform. But, situation demands it and therefore, we should follow a set of rules in spite of disagreeing with it.

Make it a mandatory rule for kids to do their homework daily on time. This would allow them to practice skills. Encouraging them to do their assignments on timely basis and regularly create interest on subject that ultimately helps to succeed in life.

Hurdles encountered by parents

Questions may arise that is it possible for every parent to understand the assignments of their children? There are many parents who might not understand the subject that is introduced in academic life. It is a fact that you might not understand their subjects, but still there is a possibility of helping your kids in their studies. Just encourage them in their growth which would certainly show them the right direction. Show them the path to seek assistance from various online sites and also build up a habit of studying in library among your kids. You might not be an expert in subject, but still there are different ways through which you can motivate them.

Teachers are always concerned about their students and want them to study well. They also want families and parents to get involved in the education of their children. Therefore, you should stay in constant touch with teachers which can reduce your worries and offer valuable tips and ideas that can help in the process of your child’s academic learning. When your child is in middle or high school, communicate with every teacher and learn about the kind of homework given.

Start reviewing the work and mistakes!

Always keep an eye on completed assignments of your youngsters. Scolding your child for bad grades is never a solution! Focus on doing something that can create an impact on the life of your child. Try to discuss errors and understand their problems. Make sure to give complete clarity on their mistakes. Incorrect answers can definitely give an opportunity to learn well and handle tough questions. Help your child to learn and manage the correct answers while keeping the studying material in mind.

It is quite obvious that the child might get bored with homework. Try to give clarity to teachers on homework that is given to students. If your child thinks that the homework is too hard or too easy make sure to inform to teachers. This would finally allow teacher to come up with homework that matches up with students’ skills and ability.

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