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In a post-secondary environs, academic expectations change radically from what we have experienced in high school. The magnitude of work that you are expected to do in a certain amount of time is increased. Apart from that, students are required to study hours upon hours for a particular course, thereby making managing their workload quite challenging. This makes seeking essay writing homework help quite the common phenomenon.

The quality of work that is expected of you, also changes in your university years. It is no longer enough to just somehow comprehend the course matter and summarize it in your own words on an exam. You are expected to seriously engage with completely new ideas by reflecting on the subject matter, analysing it, critiquing its other interpretations, making connections of your own, drawing conclusions, and finding new approaches about a particular subject.

Academically, you are moving into much deeper waters. A good discourse on essay writing homework help will help you stay afloat.

Here are the key differences in high school and university academia styles:

High School University
Assignments are moderately long. High school teachers usually set aside class time for reviewing and grading the material in depth. University assignments can be very long. You are expected to come to class with more than a basic understanding of the subject matter.
Teachers usually provide guide materials and other exam aids to help you prepare for examinations. Revising for exams is primarily the student’s responsibility.
A student’s grade is determined by their performance on a whole range of different minor and major assignments. And, not all assessments are writing based. A student’s grade may only depend on a few major assessments. Also, most of the assessments are writing based.
Written assignments mostly include personal writing, creative writing and expository writing. Other than creative writing courses, most of the writing assignments are expository in nature. This is why essay writing homework help is seeked commonly by college-goers.
The format and structure of writing assignments is generally kept constant all through the high school years. Specific to the course, students may be asked to completely master new forms of writing and follow separate standards of writing for different professional fields.
Teachers sometimes go out of their way to try and help students who are performing poorly on exams, not turning in assignments, missing classes, or just struggling with the course. Often teachers are gracious enough to give students many “second chances.” Even though university professors wish for their students to succeed, they might not always understand when students are really struggling. It is expected of you to be proactive and take measures to help yourself. Being granted “second chances” are less common.

Assignment and Essay writing homework help

Writing assignments at a college or university level serve a whole different purpose than the typical turning in of written assignments as practiced in high schools. In school, teachers generally focused on teaching the young students to write in a wide variety of modes and formats, which include personal writing, creative writing, expository writing, research papers, and writing answers and essays of varying lengths and for exams. With time, these assignments help the school-goers build a foundation of writing skills.

In college or universities, however, your professors will most likely expect you to already have a strong writing foundation. Advanced composition classes will focus on writing for writing’s sake; aiding students to make a smooth transition to writing higher-level essays and assignments. But, in other courses, writing assignments may serve a different purpose entirely. In those particular courses, students use writing as one of the many tools for learning how to go about a thought process regarding a particular discipline.

Additionally, certain assignments teach uni-goers how to meet the expectations for professional writing within a specific field. Governed by the class, you could be asked to write a lab report, a literary analysis, a case study, a business plan, or a journalistic account of a personal interview. You are required to learn and follow the standard conventions for those types of written products. It is because of this that most students seek essay writing homework help when they start going to college.

As a final point, personal and creative essay writing assignments are not as at the university level as it used to be in high school. University and college courses emphasize on expository writing—the writing form that explains or informs. Quite often expository writing assignments incorporate extra, out-of-syllabi research, too. Some classes require persuasive essay writing assignments in which you are to state and support your stance on an issue. Your professors will hold you to a much higher standard if you successfully support your ideas and stance with reasons and evidence.

Common Types of Writing Assignments 

It lists some of the most common types of essay writing assignments students encounter at college and university levels. This includes minor, semi-formal assignments as well as major ones. Which specific essay writing assignments you will be asked to write will completely depend on the courses you choose to take and the educational objectives developed by your college professors.

Common Types of Writing Assignments:

Assignment Type Description Example
Personal response paper Expresses and explains an individual’s response to a particular reading material, it can include a provocative quote, or a specific issue; it can be very brief or quite in-depth For a human resource management course, students are asked to watch and write about videos of staff interactions /ineffective management.
Summary Restates the key points of a longer content objectively and in one’s own words For a psychology thesis, a student can write a summary of an article about a man suffering from short-term loss of memory.
Persuasive/ position paper States and defends an individual’s stance on an issue (often a controversial issue) For a civil justice course, students state their stances on different punishments using research to support their argument.
Problem-solution paper This presents a problem, explains the causes, and then proposes and explains a solution For a management course, a student proposes a plan for implementing a crisis managing strategy.
Critique/ Literary analysis States a thesis about a particular literary work and develops the Theses with evidence from the literary works and, sometimes also, from additional sources For a particular literature course, a student analyses a poem and dissects the thought-process and the setting of the poem.
literature review
Sums up and portrays the available research findings upon a particular topic In a criminology course, the students review around 15 years of research on whether or not violence in televised content correlate with violent behaviour.
Case study or case analysis Investigates a particular person, group, or event in great depth for drawing a larger conclusion from the analysis In a health science course, a student writes a case study showing the successful treatment of a patient who had been experiencing congestive heart failure.
Laboratory report Shows a laboratory experiment, including the objective, hypothesis, methods of data collection, the results, and conclusions drawn For a particular psychology course, students present the results of an experiment in which they explore whether or not sleep deprivation produced memory deficits in a group of lab rats.
Research journal It records a student’s ideas and findings through the course of a long-term research project In a capstone project, a student keeps a journal throughout an entire semester-long research project working with the local fire department.
Research paper This presents a thesis and supports it with genuine, original research and other researchers’ findings on the same topic; it can take several different formats depending on the subject area In a psychology course, students can research depression and it’s long reaching effects.

Writing at Work

A part of managing your education is communicating properly with others at academic institution. For instance, you would need to email your instructor to ask for an office appointment or explain why you would need to miss a class. You might require to contact the administrators with queries about your tuition or financial aid. Later, students ask their professors to write recommendations on their behalf.

Treat these particular documents as professional communications. Address the recipient with politeness; state your query or request clearly; and use a formal, neutral respectful tone. Doing this helps the student make a positive impression on their instructors and get a quicker response.

College and university level reading and writing essay assignments are different from high school assignments, not just in quantity but also in quality. Therefore online essay writing homework help provided by many platforms is a game changer for college goers.

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