16 Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics for High School That You Must Be Aware Of

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“I can hardly persuade my parents to increase my allowance! And my teacher expects me to move an entire crowd with an essay. As if!”

Is this the same way how you feel about the persuasive essay topics? Certainly, most of the students in the world do! After all, these topics are hard to come by. You must of course feel that you are burdened with a great responsibility with these topics.

But let us tell you that the persuasive essay topics for high school can mostly get difficult, if you have no idea about them before-hand. And this is only why we will enlighten with 16 examples of the same covering various fields.

16 examples of the persuasive essay topics for high school

As already mentioned, there are various fields to cover. And these are mere examples. Your teacher can be creative and offer you something absolutely out of these. Nevertheless, the types are going to be pretty much similar only. So here is a list of 16 persuasive essay topics for high school just for you:

Topics on medicine:

Following is a list of topics for medicine:

  • Do you think that plasma donation is really very important? Give us a list of 10 interestingly good reasons why you must donate plasma! Also state the role of modern technology is the plasma donation and how useful is it?
  • What is the role that healthy food plays in our life? And should these be the reasons why we must have healthy food? What should you focus on when it is about healthy eating? How to bring yourself to eat healthy?
  • Healthcare is an important topic for the progress of any country! Why do you agree to it? Why should be people eligible for free or affordable healthcare system? Give us an example of a country that practices it for good!
  • Is organ donation really a necessity or a hoax for many? Should you choose to make a donation of your organs? Show us statistics of how many organ donations can save lives a year. What should be your responsibility for the same?

These are some of the best persuasive essay topics for high school on that of the medicine.

Topics on society or social behaviour:

  • Do you believe that freedom of speech is really applicable on internet? Should we entertain offenders in the name of freedom of speech? Can homophobic and racist words be considered as freedom of expression and speech. Is it safe for the children?
  • Are IQ tests really an answer to the human intelligence? Are the IQ tests available really honest and truthful? Does intelligence means passing a test? Can the quality of skills and creativity be measured by the same appropriately?
  • What are the various types of discriminations that you can find around yourself? Do you think that eve in this century discrimination persists? If yes, then state some major examples. Also tell us why do you think that these still persist now?
  • Do you think that Earth is an overpopulated place already? Do we need the help of proper birth control immediately? Should you state that if animals have right to live or not? Do you think that taking away homes from animals will solve our area crisis forever?

These are some of the best persuasive essay topics for high school that are related to society.

Topics on interesting stuffs:

The following is the list of examples:

  • Are electronics responsible for the kids being lazy today? Do you think that gadgets will destroy the basic living habits of the kids and the future generation? Will they be able to handle any crisis without gadgets in the future?
  • Do you think that animal circuses must be still entertained in this era? Are the abuses towards animals by the trainers really acceptable? What can the people do in order to change the scenario of the circuses?
  • Are human-animal hybrids really safe? Should scientists really focus on creating something that they do not know results of? What kind of threats can the experiments possess? Will the hybrid absolutely welcome the idea of its creation sincerely?
  • Should saving the planet be kept somewhere behind any other priority? Do we need solar panels to ensure the same? How much solar panels and their utilization can help you as well as the planet? How will it benefit the environment over all?

These are examples of the really interesting persuasive essay topics for high school.

Topics that are funny:

Following is a list of the examples of the funny topics that you can get:

  • Why do you believe that the UFOs are real affairs? Show us some evidence in order to prove that UFOs are to be trusted on. Why do you think that these evidences are real at all? Convince the audience of your views completely.
  • Why do you think that ghost are real? If you believe in ghosts then why do you do it? can you list the exact reasons why? If you don’t believe then ghost then can you persuade yourself that ghosts are real? What proves do you need?
  • Are GMOs really as bad as they are conceived to be? Do they really cause the diseases like that of the cancer or that of autism, or any otherillnesses.What are the major studies that you can point out to?
  • Do you believe that the moon landing was an utter lie? Do you think that it was an excellently fabricated story that was too hard to not believe in? Do you believe that the proves laid down by people who doubt it, true?

These are definitely some of the best funny persuasive essay topics for high school that you can get.

When you are looking for some of the best persuasive essay topics for high school then we can assure you that these are the most common topics that you can get. There are definitely many other topics from many other fields to cover. But then again, these are definitely important for you to at least remember. It will make things easier for you.

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