40 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students That Can Fetch You a Good Career Objective

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College life is interesting, isn’t it! You are your boss and can rightfully take your decisions. Well, it holds true and exciting for the most part of the studies. But there is one hitch that every student struggles is looking for interesting persuasive speech topics for college students.

Ask me why you need to do so? Honestly, persuasive speech topics are your career building blocks. Whether your reach is to get into the Chief Executive Level or marketing manager, want to seek a career in law or public relations and fundraising management, or seek a path in sales, your persuasion attribute must be of top grade.

This is one of the reasons why the colleges insist students pick up interesting persuasive topics for college students so that the mode of operation is understood.

Okay so let us assume, you have a persuasive speech to prepare, and here is the deal to get going with persuasive speeches.

First things first-

  • Understand what is expected of you through a persuasive speech

When your professor says ‘Come prepared with interesting persuasive topics for college students,” he is necessarily looking-

  1. The right topic chosen by the student
  2. The throw of voice
  3. The poise in the statements
  4. Clarity of points
  5. Persuasive skills
  6. Language used
  • What is a persuasive speech after all?

Just like persuasive essay writing, persuasive speech falls on the same line. Here the speaker has to be perfect with his or her set of matter.  The main aim of the speaker is to convince the listeners about his viewpoint on a certain topic. It is necessary that the arrangement and the flow of the topics are interesting and are in correct order.

How to prepare for interesting persuasive speech topics for college students?

Without much ado here is a quick checklist to look for-

  • First, select a topic that is in your comfort zone. Unless you are being levied on a topic, you are free to choose your set of interesting persuasive speech topics for college students.
  • Jot down your mission. Understand which part of the story you want to the limelight and what the purpose behind it is.
  • Study the audience’s potential. The age group you are going to be targeted at, the language in which you are going to be propagating to. All this and much more about the audience must be known.
  • Outline the points of the speech and get a proper flow to it.
  • Selection of interesting persuasive speech topics for college students

This is the most challenging part of the entire aspect of persuasive speech is to get hold of topics. Here is a list of topics to look for-

  • International relations-based persuasive speech:

Under this heading you must take that is trending in the market. You may refer to the internet or newspaper or seek online persuasive speech specialists who can guide you in this regard.

  1. Syria war — could that have been stopped.
  2. What to learn from 9/11
  3. The independence of women driving in Saudi Arabia
  4. Human rights should be taken seriously.
  5. The next Economic superpower country by 2025
  6. Labor policies must be advanced
  7. How far to push the envelope for international relations
  8. How colonial rules pose a political threat to the region.
  9. How to build international relations between developing countries and developed countries.
  10. Best policies to stop Cold War
  • National security-based persuasive speech

This topic can be in regards to your national interest. To begin with,take a look at the following list-

  1. How justifiable it is to negotiate with terrorists.
  2. Security screenings must be stricter in the airports
  3. National security vs. individual rights
  4. Saudi-Iraq Border Dispute
  5. The International oil disputes- how to control it
  6. War and peace in the international security
  7. Nuclear weapon- is it a threat or a national security
  8. Cyber securities must be made aware from the school days.
  9. Flag burning as a protest is a great shame
  10. Limitations to immigration must be put forth.
  • Sports and physical education based persuasive speech topics

You can dig into the sports and physical education topic any time. You don’t have to know about the latest news in it. Simply pick up a topic that interests the audience and does not bore them. Mostly speeches triumph upon how physical fitness is necessary, how sports play an integral part in the body etc. Might as well, pick up interestingpersuasive speech topics for college students from the below-mentioned list.-

  1. How cycling can be integrated into daily chores work
  2. Why certain sports are given limelight and not the others
  3. Drug tests should be made mandatory for every sport
  4. Physical fitness should be made compulsory while seeking admission for higher education
  5. Can cheerleaders be captioned under sports
  6. Sports salaries should be on par with other domains.
  7. Extra-curricular activities should include sports
  8. Holistic education must be inculcated in the education system.
  9. Should benefit of doubt term exist
  10. Names that should have been in Hall of Fame
  • Society related persuasive speech topic-

Now that you are at the college level, you can create a greater impact on topics related to society. Take the plunge and make a difference in your speech. This genre of speech interests the listeners and makes them think about the revolution to be made.

  1. Can adoption be the best policy to control population
  2. The plight of a single parent
  3. The trauma a child goes through in an abusive environment
  4. Cities should provide free wireless internet
  5. Driving and texting should be severely penalized
  6. Every family should take up a community service
  7. Why family time is important
  8. Recreation activities bring the society together
  9. How anti-social elements get encouraged
  10. How countryside living benefits the lifestyle than from a city life.

As it may be seen, we have brought 40 interesting persuasive speech topics for college students to choose from. Do leave a comment on what you have to say. For more updates, keep looking for this space.

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