46 Comparative Essay Topics That Can Fetch You Higher Grades

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Have you ever looked at around a coin? I am sure you must have. Every coin has two sides, isn’t it? Both being on the same lines yet are different. Head and tails both portray different things.

Wondering if you are on the wrong page for comparative essay topics! Well, you are on the right track and the example above is a metaphor for all the students to understand that comparative essays are just like sides of the coins. Both have their differences and similarities.

All that I wanted to let you all know that there is no much fuss about comparative essay writing. The fuss is about choosing the best comparative essay topics. While writing a comparative essay, you are expected to give every minute detail about the subject. You will have to bring in the similarities as well as the differences.

Many students fail to present the comparative essay in a persuasive way. The result is devastating. The hard work behind the compilation of the essay goes futile. So this is what you must do-

  • Understand The Basis Of The Comparison

Before you begin to choose the right topic towards a comparative essay, it is important to understand the basis on which you are going to present your essay. The basis of comparison could be the mood of the topic, the stress level of the topic, the individualism in it, or a thing specific that you want to pinpoint and state about it.

For instance, when you choose movies and books, the basis of comparison could be-How both being a source of entertainment yet differ in presentation.

  • Make A List Of Similarities And Differences

When you are through with selecting the comparative essay topics, it is time to jot down the points of similarities and differences. You will come to know which topic has much scope for you to elaborate on.

So let’s say we take public transport and private transport. The similarities would be how the transportation is the strongest system in any nation. Bring in the differences in the functionality of the public mode of transportation and private. You can show how the public transport system works as compared to private. Why private transportation is costlier than the public types etc.

  • Prepare Your Thesis Statement!

The thesis statement is the basis on which your argument holds true. No, it is not an argumentative essay but a comparative one. Nevertheless, the thesis statement when put across the reader makes the reader aware of what is expected from the essay. He is prepared to understand the similarities and differences based on the thesis statement made.

Thus, let’s say you pick up Bulimia and Anorexia from the set of comparative essay topics lay in front of you. The thesis statement should talk about how both being disorders yet differ in the remedial process. In your concluding paragraph do not forget to bring the thesis statement back to prove your point of view.

Here Is A Collection Of 50 Comparative Essay Topics To Choose From-

  • Education Point Of View-

Here students can have a vast spread over comparative essay topics. It could be from topics at the school or college or activities in school or problems faced by students etc.

  1. Online homework service providers and coaching class homework service providers
  2. School life and college life
  3. Comparative essay topics and persuasive essay topics
  4. Essay and dissertation
  5. Harry Potter and Game of Thrones
  6. Republican government and democratic government
  7. William Wordsworth and William Blake
  8. Pride and Prejudice vs. Gone with the wind- novels that cannot be given a miss
  9. American English and British English
  10. Stanford University and Harvard University
  • Social Media Related-

Students can take the opportunity of comparing social media channels, or gossips or any trending activity on social media

  1. Facebook and Instagram
  2. Google and Yahoo
  3. Amazon Prime and Netflix
  4. iOS devices and Android devices
  5. A dinner date and online dating app
  6. Blogs and web pages
  • Technology Related-

With each time something new coming up, makes the older version outdated. Technology-based topics can never go futile

  1. Bluetooth and infrared
  2. Laptop and palmtop
  • Daily-Related Topics-

Under this genre, any topic can be compared and written about-

  1. Fashion in the 20th century and Fashion in the 21st century
  2. Cash and credit cards
  3. Indoor games and outdoor games
  4. Play station and indoor games
  5. Traditionally made food and microwave made food
  6. Vacation and staycation
  7. Earth and Mars
  8. Religion and philosophy
  9. Courteous and kind
  10. Marriages and living-in relationships
  11. Career opportunities for rich and the poor
  12. Women entrepreneurs and men entrepreneurs
  13. Branded clothes and locally-made clothes
  • Politics Or History Related Comparative Essay Topics-

Based on the country of origin, a student simply has to be well informed about the recent trends in the nation. Simply hot down the news and create a comparative essay topic.

  1. Secular society and non-secular society
  2. Roman architecture and Greek Architecture
  3. American Revolution and the Russian Revolution
  4. World War I and World War II
  5. Theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Hegel
  6. The election system in the US and UK
  7. Paleolithic and Neolithic periods.
  8. Developing countries and developed countries
  • Investments And The Banking Sector-

With the advancement in the financial field, there is a wide scope for banking and investment sector topics.

  1. Investments in gold ETF and IPO
  2. Mutual Fund and SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan)
  3. Marketing and salesmanship
  • Media World and Mass Communication Field-

Under this head a student will find a great number of topics to deal with.

  1. Media and advertising
  2. Marketing techniques of McDonald’s and KFC
  3. Traditional storybooks and e-books
  4. Reality TV shows and daily soaps
  • Dance And Music Related —

This genre of comparative essay topics

  1. Hip Hop and contemporary dancing style
  2. Madonna and Lady Gaga
  3. Superman and Wonder woman
  4. My Fair Lady and Sound of music- the movie of all time

The above list must have been helpful. Do write to us about what you feel. Keep updated with us at this space.

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