5 Easy Ways to Memorize History Dates and Names

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There are two kinds of students in the world, one who loves history and one who loves Physics and as much of a strictly non-stereotypic person I might be. I cannot help but add that the one who loves history does not, in most cases love Physics. Same goes for the Physics lovers.

However, the most common reason behind the students lagging behind in History or not being able to cope with it is simply their lack of interest towards it and their super wrong notion that History is all about mugging up.

Why is history as important as it is?

History is an extremely important subject, one without which any other subject becomes incomplete. Why do you study history? You study history so as to learn about the past events in the world and learn from it. I do not know whether you know it or not but I must tell you that

History is an essential part of every subject that there is. For you to fall in love with any subject, you have to know its story and of its struggles. Knowing about the past along with the present is extremely important especially when your knowledge of the past can refrain you from making any similar mistakes that were made in the past, in the future.

History basically saves you from all kinds of shit that there is and very efficiently that too. History is an extremely interesting subject if you let it be. Not only does it tell you the most interesting stories or facts but also teaches you about the value of experience and moral values in a way that most factual subjects are incapable of.

Stereotypic views about History

There is a notion, an extremely wrong one that too, that History is an unimportant subject and that it will have no use for you in the future. This iscompletelyillogical, and you need to get over petty rumors and see more to the subject that has taught you so much.

Who doesn’t like old stories or stories about the past? Don’t you all love to ask your parents or grandparents about their past and how they used to be in their childhood or for that matter, about yourself? The answer is yes you did but still have this stereotypic notion in your head that History is a subject for the losers and that intelligent person do all but study history and focus only on Science.

You must remember that each subject has its own set of specialities and past to dwell on. If Science subjects traverse you into a world of Technology and development, it is only because History and experiences of the past have taught them enough about how they’re not supposed to repeat their mistakes and how to utilize the grand plans in a better way.

So it is pretty much clear that whether or not you’re science obsessed, History is applicable in every work and very efficiently might I add.

Why do people dislike History?

There are a lot of people who go on to brag about their immense hatred for history or their incapability to understand it. But do you know what it says about them? It shows how dumb they are.

Wise people do not criticizeHistory; they instead go on to learn the most that they can from the past and apply it in the near future. Where some students dislike history because of their superiority complex, others tend to have a tough time memorizing all the details that there are, in History.

Why do people have aproblem in memorizing History?

Memorizing History is in actuality a pretty tough thing to do and it is not because the subject has too much detailing. On the other hand, it is because of one’s own lack of insight that this memorizing problem steps in. You are not to memorize dates like a robot. You must know the story, the entire picture so as to go and write about a particular event.

Why should one seek History homework help?

History is not a subject where you’ll have doubts unless you’re curious and wish to know more about a particular chapter but to do your homework to perfection; you simply have to seek help from online homework help companies.

The online homework help companies go on to help you out with whichever portion of the chapter that you’re troubled with and this is done by the set of expert professionals that they have under them hired solely to help out students like you. However, if this proves to be any good to you, please go through, ‘5 tips for last minute revision.’

5 easy ways to memorize History Dates and Names

There are many ways to memorize the Historical dates and names easily. Some of them are given below:

  1. Make notes
  • The most effective way to score well is by making notes.
  • This not only gives you a jest of what is happening from the point of view of the teacher but also makes the understanding of the entire chapter a lot easier.
  • The notes should be such that you should be able to remember them because mugging up never lands you up anywhere but understanding things definitely
  1. Make a brief outline
  • Before you start with memorizing a chapter, you need to have an idea of the events that took place, the people who took part in it and when it happened.
  • Once you make a brief sketch about whatever happened; it becomes easier for you to picture the events.
  • Remember one thing always, photographic memory is what is really useful and not mugged up vomit.
  • So, if you’re counting on mugged up things, then you can very well go on to prepare yourself not to score well in class.
  • History needs your insight not your mugging up powers.
  1. Make a chart of the events
  • The best way to memorize and understand whatever events happened is to make a chart right below the outline that you’ve been previously instructed to make.
  • In that chart, you must incorporate just about everything related to the events in such a manner that the whole ordeal sounds interesting, not to anybody else but you.
  • Once you start your study pattern in this manner, History will interest you more than it ever has and the entire learning process will also become everything but a task to you.
  1. Understand before learning
  • Understanding is the chief way to memorize Even if it is a series of dates that you’re memorizing, direct learning will not do you any good.
  • If you jump to learning dates before knowing the significance of the events, you will tend to forget everything that you’ve learnt thereby letting your hard work go down the drain.
  • If you learn things sequentially by understanding the significance of each event and the importance of the dates when it happened, there is no stopping you from scoring the best marks.
  1. History as a Hi-story
  • The word history in itself has astory in it revealing its prime purpose of being included as your subject.
  • The main aim of History is to tell you the story of your past rulers and your country for that matter.
  • Once you inculcate some kind of curiosity for knowing the History of your country and others is the time when you’ll truly see its beauty.

History is the one subject which is not just factual but more like a reflection of the mistakes and victories of your ascendants. The ones which you’re not supposed to repeat unless they’re grand moves and can do your country some good.

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