5 Effective Steps to Solve Assignment Problem: Tricks Every Student Must Know!

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Seriously, we have all been there and we have all made an exhaustive use of these excuses! My friend, who happens to be a high school teacher, remarked the other day that at times he almost feels inclined to grade the students based on the ingenuity of their excuses!

But sadly for us, that brilliant idea cannot be realized! And since the most original excuses still manage to land us in trouble, what we should do instead is focus on solving the assignments without losing our sanity over it!

What a bore! Yeah, well I know! So, what I am going to do is try to make the process seem a little less like Christian penance for you! Let us try to look at some quick steps to solve assignment problem, which I believe will help you to score without making you miserable!

5 Steps to solve the assignment problem!

 Step 1: Do we have a plan?

I don’t mean to be Captain Obvious here, but we do need a plan! This is the first and most important one of the steps to solve assignment problems, and let’s see why!

We are talking about assignments in general, so that includes dissertations, essays, and similar trouble. Many students commit a terrible mistake where they think they can start with the work, and figure things out eventually. One might face certain problems in this case: After getting into the work, one might realize they have reached a dead end and there is no place to go from there, which means they will have to stop there, and a lot of time will have been wasted.

For example: If you choose your topic for the dissertation without much thought, and then figure along the way that there are not enough sources to gather data from, you’ll have to give up the whole work and start again with something else. Imagine the frustration! So, the wise idea is to search for your sources beforehand. Start something you know you will be able to finish!

Once you have a concrete plan, follow the next steps to solve assignment problems in a blink!

Step 2.A stitch in time saves nine!

The proverb might be old and wrinkled, but it is much the wiser for that. We know if there were a championship for procrastination, you would probably win it without trying! But let’s save it for later. If you try to do all the work at once, it will obviously weigh too heavy upon you, and I have personally heard students confessing how they’d been on the verge of a nervous breakdown with the last moment stress.

This can easily be avoided by dividing the work into parts; divide the assignment into several small parts and spend one or two hours each day working on it. This way, over a period, you’ll find the work is done much easier; the alternative is trying to finish it in a day or two, and if you dare try that, you’ll experience first hand how relative time can be as it keeps slipping out of your hand! So time management is the second crucial one in the steps to solve assignment problem!

Step 3.Knowledge is power…

You can’t solve sums unless you know how to; you cannot compare contradictory theories and present your argument unless you understand the theories first; you cannot write a program unless you are familiar with the syntax; You cannot make a circuit work unless you are acquainted with the mechanism. In short, you need to know things before you can work with them,and students often wrongly undermine the relevance of classroom trivia.

Unless in exceptional cases, students are not given assignments on anything outside of what is taught in class. Paying a little more attention in class would take you a long way! Not only will you have multiple ideas regarding the topic for your dissertation, but you will also know beforehand the correct approach, the possible hurdles, and being prepared with these little bits and pieces of information can make the work much easier.Knowledge is the ultimate assignment problem solver.

So paying attention in class is something you should do throughout the year; when you plan and follow these strategic steps to solve assignment problems, you will no longer be the lost soul that you are right now (At least not when it comes to assignments)!

Step 4.Don’t trust all you see/ hear/ find…

What is the first thing you do when you are about to start working on a new assignment? You google, no surprise there!But Just because Google pretends to know everything doesn’t mean you should believe everything it says.

Be careful while choosing your sources of information; preferably depend on published research papers and books instead of random articles or Wikipedia. Once you find a research paper that supports your line of argument, you will have very little left to do!This will guarantee the authenticity of your work and with due acknowledgments, plagiarism will not be a problem anymore! Reliable sources lead to assignment problem minimization!

 Step 5.Use not only all the brain you have but also all that you can borrow…

Take all your ideas and save them in your mind palace. Then go around, and borrow as many ideas as you can from others! Your first target should be the best minds: approach your professors or teachers, ask for their advice with respect to your assignment, ask them to suggest you books that might help. Conversations unravel ideas and pick them up as you find them. Likewise, conversations with your peers can be just as fruitful. You can ask your private tutors or mentors to help as well.

The more mind you can pique the better!

Once you’ve followed all these steps to solve assignment problem, you’ll figure the problem has solved itself and there is hardly anything left for you to do!

I hope these blog is going to help you with your future assignments and you’ll no longer have a use for excuses! If you find these steps to solve assignment problem useful, do not forget to share it with your peers! Perhaps they too will share something useful in return!

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