5 Points to Empower Rural Communities Through Online Education

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We are a generation that prides ourselves on being educated. With having all the privileges — though we don’t always acknowledge it — we owe it to our communities and those underprivileged to give something back. It is our job to not only look out for ourselves, but to look out for those who cannot do for themselves. One of these ways is through educating people in rural areas.

People in rural areas do not always understand the importance of an education. They are quite content living in their own little bubble. They don’t see a problem with their ways and don’t even know that a better life could be awaiting them in some other place. Even that is a stretch. Educating people in rural areas means helping them find better and much longer term means of sustenance.

Online education is one of the ways to get this idea out there quicker. Not many people can make time in their daily lives to travel miles away from their home to help another. It is difficult, and cannot always be expected. There are also a lot of costs involved in this. This where online education helps. It gives us a quick, easy and long term solution to all the other methods.

Pros of Online Education in Rural Areas

  1. It brings to rural areas that hardly even have electricity – the concept of technology. Grabbing their attention with screens and buttons and a whole new world on the other end of a television or computer screen. Once they understand the importance of technology, they will want to know more about it.
  1. Many women in these rural areas live under very stressful conditions; this is a natural way of life to them. They do not object to being over worked or beaten by their husbands. With online education they can empower themselves and know what a better life is all about and they can stand up for themselves as a community and work towards this better life. Educating these people will give them a way to sustain themselves, rather than rely on their husbands. This will remove them from a possible abusive environment that they may be in.
  1. This mode of education gives kids a fighting chance. They may grow up not knowing a better life like their parents or they can grow up to change even more of the world and have better lives.
  1. Having an education will open up many more job opportunities for themselves in the rural areas as well as outside of it.
  1. People in these areas will make better informed decisions with the help of online education. They will know what is good for their health and well beings and will even be able to take care of their families a lot better than usual.

There are never any downsides to any form of education. Especially in those areas where people aren’t privileged enough to know what a real education is all about.

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