5 Things to Sort out Before Going into Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering is among the most sought branches of engineering. As the name suggests, it involves the design, production and operation of machinery. All these require one to know the principles of physics, mathematics and material science for which formal education and training in the form of a certified course is needed.

In fact, after high school as a graduation degree course, mechanical engineering is offered by various colleges and universities across the world.

The scope is immense

In this age of mechanization and industrialization, mechanical engineering has even greater relevance since it helps in addressing unmet needs. There is a huge need for young and talented mechanical engineers who can contribute towards the dynamically evolving technology that makes life easier for one and all.

This field can be traced back to several thousand years but it was the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 18th century that gave the platform for this branch of engineering to emerge as a modern science.

Just because there’s a huge demand for mechanical engineers doesn’t make it reason enough for you to take up mechanical engineering as a formal education followed by a career. There are other aspects also which you need to think over before taking such an important decision in life.

Here are 5 important things that you need to sort out before venturing into this exciting field of mechanical engineering:

  1. Sound technical knowledge which requires bent of mind

As we all are aware of that engineering is a technical subject where one has to be well versed with a wide array of topics that are more of concept and logic based.

  • To understand the basic concepts, your inclination has to be towards the subject. If the individual has no interest towards the scientific subjects, then it will become difficult for him or her to grasp the basic concepts.
  • With no clear basic understanding, the foundation itself would be weak. Then, the higher knowledge about the course would become redundant.
  • Moreover, engineering being science cannot be simply read and memorized. It needs to be well understood with mindful correlation so that the learning can be later applied to practice.
  • There have been various instances seen where students take up engineering due to parental pressure with no interest from their side. The careers of such individuals don’t take off to the level they would have desired due to their missing interest.
  • Therefore, it’s always better to encourage students to go for a field they have interest and passion as that would yield better results in the long run and mechanical engineering is no different!
  • Another reason why all academicians insist that mechanical engineering candidate should have keen interest towards learning and understanding the science is that there are high rates of college dropouts in this field.
  • This is mostly due to the fact that the students are not able to cope up with technical knowledge which is the key to becoming a mechanical engineer.
  1. Innovation is the way forward

If technical knowledge is the key to success in mechanical engineering, then innovation is the way forward. Technology today is extremely fast moving, and it’s important for engineers to not only be updated with the same but also make their significant contribution to it. For this, an innovative mind is needed.

Technical knowledge coupled with innovation would give beautiful gifts to our society. In the manufacturing industry, newer designs for products are often made. These designs have to be functional and reproducible. So, just drafting it on paper alone would not be sufficient.

  1. Nothing can beat the importance of research

Research is the path of progression for any scientific field and mechanical engineering being high on science is no different!

The mechanical engineers of today are coming out of their comfort zone to put their best efforts in order to produce cheaper, safer and more efficient machines and mechanical systems which would eventually replace the existing ones. Needless to say, this wouldn’t be possible without an innovative mind.

  1. Strong management skills
  • Now you must be wondering that we’re talking about pre-requisites for mechanical engineering and not MBA! Well, management skill is an attribute not restricted to MBAs alone. In fact, all individuals have an inherent quality towards management which they gain from their day-to-day life.
  • With an MBA, these skills can be further brushed up. But in mechanical engineering also, this skill would be required as going forward in the degree program and later on in the career as well, the engineer will have to be involved in various projects that would require support and contribution from various stakeholders.
  • Without planning and management skills in place, it would be difficult for one to pull off a project successfully.
  • A project would have many components to it, and it’s obvious that a single person can not do all the work. Hence, you would have to come up with good collaboration. You’ll have to ensure others contribute effectively as well.
  • Moreover, there’ll be a lot of hindrances to taking care of as well. All these things can be sorted out by someone with strong management skills.
  1. Good with numbers

To be a successful mechanical engineer, you need to be good with numbers. As such, mathematics as a subject in high school education is compulsory for you to get enrolled in an engineering program.

But besides the mathematics topics like calculus and geometry, you need to be good with basic calculation and numbers too. Considering that project planning involves a lot of parameters that can be quantified, basic calculation skills comes very much handy.

Excellent presentation and communication skills

  • Another quality you need to be effectively prepared with is well defined and precise presentation and communication skills. As such, it’s a quality you’d need in every sphere of life.
  • But while traversing the path to becoming a mechanical engineer, you’ll be dealing with new concepts and designs. This can be effectively addressed to concerned people only when your communication is clear-cut and effective.
  • Even after finishing your degree course, in your work life, presentation skills will be of utmost importance as this would be the tool by which you’ll be convincing your clients and bosses with your ideas and concepts.
  • Remember one thing, your ideas and designs would be of no use till it’s implemented. And for it to be realized, you’ll have first to communicate to others, made them understand and convince. There are various ways in which you can make your communication interesting so that people listen to you.
  • All said and done; mechanical engineering is an exciting field to be in. But while you’re embarking on a road to career building and success, make sure you have all the things needed to make your journey simpler and hassle-free.
  • Nobody is perfect and born with all the skills and qualities, but once you know about your weak points and its importance in your life, you’ll probably make the extra effort to improvise on it.
  • While there may be ‘n’ number of things you’d need to sort out, take the above mentioned on priority. With all the desired qualities in place, a versatile and talented mechanical engineer would definitely be in the making!

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