5 Tips for Last Minute Revision

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Last minute revision is something that is extremely important to score well in academics regardless of whether you are in school, college or University but what you students misinterpret last minute revision for is last minute completion of syllabus.

This is something that I’d strictly forbid any student to do. You might score well even after studying in the last one month, but that will definitely not go on to be useful to you because you will not be able to utilize the blessing that education will have bestowed upon you.

Why is last minute studying a strict no-no?

Last minute studying is a strict no-no because unlike last minute revision, last minute studying is prone to confuse you and, will go on to make you forget whatever you have learnt in the past. Again, last minute studying will in no way instill the same amount of knowledge in you that the regular studying students will have.

You might score better than them, but you definitely are not more capable than them because your studying is dependent on the last minute mugging up and theirs is dependent on a whole year’s hard work. Whether you score better than them or not, the losing one is definitely you.

Why are revisions so important?

Revisions are extremely important before the examinations of any subject because the revisions are what chisel your knowledge over and over again until it reaches that particular level of perfection which can help you score extremely well.

This is what revisions is all for. Each time you revise, you will be acquainted with an imperfect portion of your knowledge, one which you can easily overcome by thorough and systematic study of books which I’m sure you would be pretty good in.

How can revisions decide your academic scores?

If astudent is an impatient person or a person who has anextreme level of confidence in himself or herself, something which is more tilted towards overconfidence than confidence, then what you need is definitely not one revision.

They need to revise things over and over again. They have to tell themselves that despite how much they might know right know about whatever is coming in their exam, after repeated revisions, theywould be preparing for ten questions more which are more beneficial than they might now realize.

See, if they go through their chapters once after learning to check whether they’ve learnt everything or not, that is merely a little going through things to make sure they know things not revision. Revision is not just going through the things once more.

Revision is revising the entire thing that you’ve learnt so as to make sure that you know each point and each answer to perfection, the way you did a week back or a day back for that matter. This is something that all parents should take special care of.

Students must not just give their exams without proper revisions since that will not only lower their probable high grades but also make them negatively over confident.

What are the benefits of revising things?

One thing that I can guarantee you, every one of you is that regardless of how much of a perfectionist at some work or some subject or the other that you might claim yourself to be, you are not one. And revising things over and over again is what will make you realize that.

Revision is the weapon of a Realist whereas assuming that they’re done with everything is the mindset of a destructive dreamer, one that does not know of the realities and cruelties of life.

If students thoroughly revise things and their studies and subjects, nobody can stop them from scoring that perfect grade that they have been longing for which is precisely whytheyabsolutely need to revise over and over again.

Again, when I say that you need to revise a lot of times until you make sure you have attained that level of perfection, I definitely do not mean to pressurize you into revising things a such number of times as might drive you to insanity or make you forget what you’ve learnt.

Why should one seek homework help?

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5 tips for last minute revision

Now, in case you are running short of time to revise and have time for just one thorough revision, these are the following tips that you must follow:

  1. Make sure you make notes for last minute revision
  • This is the one tip that isn’t applicable for the last minute revision but for before that.
  • You must make sensible and summarized notes which will again help you learn things up the way you want to and help you memorize things more easily.
  • Again, you must make sure that the notes contain every detailing that there is so as not to miss out any vital point.
  1. Go through the notes thoroughly
  • Now that you will have taken the necessary steps to scoring the best marks, you might as well go on to go through the notes thoroughly.
  • By going through the notes, I do not simply mean that you read it in your sweet leisure.
  • Go through notes in such a manner that you remember every single point and every single law or event so as to score well.
  • Your notes again must contain such information that will make your answer more interesting.
  1. Add little points if needed
  • While doing your last minute revision, you must add little points if you might deem it necessary.
  • If you think those little points are ways for you to score better, you might as well write it down because writing down things will help you memorize things 10 times faster than constant reading of it can.
  • You must not think too much regarding the additional points because since you will be writing them down on your own accord, there is a 99% chance that you won’t forget it.
  1. Alter the points if necessary
  • If, in your notes, there are certain points that might now seem absurd to you, strike it off immediately or make the necessary changes that you need because that is the only way to which you can feel confident.
  • During your exam, there should be nothing stopping you from doing brilliantly.
  • It will bedisappointment if a little point goes on to take your marks away which is why you must alter the points if needed.
  1. Do not panic and ask questions
  • Panicking is never a solution which is precisely why students are advised never to panic before their exams or during their last minute revisions to be more precise.
  • Again, once you’re done with reading your notes, you must ask yourself the questions that you might probably get stuck on.

If you can answer them without altering, you will be able to write it equally well but if you get stuck at a single place, say it five times more because if you get stuck before the exam, there is every chance that you might get stuck with it.

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