50 Persuasive Essay Topic High Schools That You Cannot Give a Miss!

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How about writing a persuasive essay on

“Why a person should never take up a food challenge!”

The topic sounds interesting, isn’t it? But honestly, think about you how you are going to put forth an interesting essay so that it allures your professors.  How are you going to make a compilation of the essay so that it stands out from other fellow mates?

So here is a deal. You crack persuasive essay topics high school by following the below tips-

Firstly, understand what persuasive essays are?

Some call persuasive essay as an argument. Writing a persuasive essay is an art. You have to persuade the audience to believe in the opinion of the topic. But can you simply do so by any random figures or so opinions, Nope! You have to prepare the essay using reasoning, facts, examples, and quotes so that it convinces the reader (here your professor).

The next step is to choose the right persuasive essay topics high school

Most of the students fail to impress their professors on persuasive essays due to the topic that is chosen. Remember it is a thumb rule to choose a persuasive essay topic on which you are sure about.

To make your task simpler, here is a collection of persuasive essay topics so that you can pick and choose some interesting topics-

  • Technology-based persuasive essay topics-

You can either choose a topic from the given list or create your own. Technology related topics are always new. There is always something new to tell in technology-based persuasive essay topics high school.

  1. How the internet is narrowing the use of encyclopedias
  2. Why cybercrime must be penalized?
  3. The old album style photographs are worth its value than the digital photos
  4. The internet is governing the television
  5. Web series preferred over daily soaps
  6. Friendship on the internet can be a foolish decision
  7. How textbooks are being replaced with that of tablets
  8. How games on tablets are hampering the mindset of children
  9. The best technology advancement that has made the life of human beings sorted.
  10. Twenty years down the line, will people be seen on the road?
  • Economy-based persuasive essay topics-

This is another amazing way of taking up persuasive essay topics high school. You simply have to be aware of the recent news or any update about your economy. In the following example, I am taking the U.S economy into consideration. You may take your country’s economy into consideration-

  1. How trade deficit can hamper the U.S economy?
  2. Free trade agreements do not hold true for workers
  3. Import duties can endanger the U.S economy
  4. Demand for oil and gas plays a major role in price hike
  5. The graph of consumerism in the U.S
  6. Reasons for illegal immigration
  7. Trade policies change the buying trends
  8. Unemployment is the major consequence of an economic recession.
  9. Solar energy can have many advantages to the economy.
  10. Indigenous products are better than imported ones.
  • Financial-sector based persuasive essay topics-

Under this heading, you can get hold of a wide sector of things that are happening in and around the world near you.

  1. Why every student loan cannot be forgiving
  2. Leasing flats is a better option than owning one.
  3. How the banking sector is losing out its individuality
  4. Cryptocurrency and the world around it.
  5. Why investments in Gold ETF is not a good option.
  6. Every business needs a digital marketing agency for improvement in sales
  7. Why budget cuts should be heard by every student
  8. Marketing is an investment gaining financial gains
  9. Disadvantages of using only one kind of currency around the world/
  10. How fiscal policies play a vital role in the financial sector of an economy.
  • Funny persuasive essay topics-

So if you thought persuasive essay topics high school can be limited to only serious topics, you may have slightly mistaken. The idea is to make your reader get attracted to your piece of writing. Some use satire mode of writing, many allures with lame jokes, while there are few who take a funny topic and bringing it to make a larger difference at the end of the story.

  1. How ‘get lost’ phrase made a huge difference in somebody’s life.
  2. If you do not know what life is going to be, ask a toddler
  3. Why does a married man says, ‘I want to be single again!’
  4. Netflix is the new addiction.
  5. Hamburgers and French fries must be on a diet plan
  6. The professions that really exist
  7. What happens when persuasive essay topics high school become your nightmare.
  8. How to become a toddler again.
  9. If life is not a bed of roses, then why on every Valentine’s Day, roses are gifted!
  10. The truth behind non-stick pans
  • Media-based persuasive essay topics-

This genre of writing piece can never go wrong. You will get enough material from the internet or newspaper or hiring an online essay writing service experts can guide you to go ahead with the topic. However, the following are the media related persuasive essay topics high school-

  1. Why magazines shouldn’t be allowed for teenagers.
  2. The role played by media on the ethical and unethical code of conduct.
  3. How media has replaced the comic-reading times.
  4. Is the media being too argumentative?
  5. Media is a growing profession
  6. Biases in media must be curtailed
  7. Violence in media is a plan
  8. Why newspapers cannot be trusted anymore.
  9. Websites are the new marketing styles.
  10. Scams in media that is making a difference in a common man’s life

Hopefully, the above tips should help you to draft your persuasive essay topics high school carefully. Remember to choose a topic that you are comfortable with. We would love to hear from you, so do share your comments and like with us. Watch this space for more updates.

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