6 Easy Steps to Conquer the Fear of Mathematics

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M-A-T-H-E-M-A-T-I-C-S! Does this word make you feel queasy, nervous and increases your heart rate slightly? In simple words, are you afraid of Mathematics? If you are, then you should take a deep breath and read on because you might be able to overcome your fear a little if you follow few simple steps.

Phobia of Mathematics is a common problem and is noted among many students. If one is unable to solve a mathematical numerical and encounters failure in successive math tests. It results in fear for the subject. This can be taken care of if the student is careful and brave enough to face his fear and ready to work towards improving and eradicating that fear. This is “How to be Good at Mathematics“. Let us discuss about few ways that will reduce the fear of Mathematics if followed religiously.

  • Identifying the problem:

The first step to curing any phobia is to know the cause and then accept it. Try to judge from your own perspective the reason that makes you so scared about the subject when you stay fairly normal when it comes to tests of other subjects. Is it because you get comparatively lesser marks from that certain friend of yours? Or do numbers and calculations scare you just because you are unable to grasp it in general? Math phobia is not an illness. It is just a matter of time and a little amount of practice that will help your fear vanish into thin air.

  • Practice regularly:

Now that you have identified the problem, almost half your job is done. But the other half of the solution to this problem would require undivided attention and determination from your end. Remember how our teachers and parents always say, “Practice makes a man perfect”? You might have sneered at them for nagging you, but practice does help. Revise your study patterns. Try to understand each problem before you leave your classroom and practice each problematic numerical problem at least 5 times, without cheating! Keep a stopwatch or timer at hand while preparing for Math exams. Practice a certain set of problem sums within a specific time. If you are reaching your target time easily, increase your own level of difficulty and reduce the time. Each time you reach your target time, set a new target…You can also play fun math games like math puzzles.

  • Study in groups:

Group studies with your peers will always be helpful. Invite few good friends over to your house or go to a friend’s house and study together. This way, you and your friends encounter the dame problems together and if you get stuck somewhere your friends can explain it to you. Learning from friends of your age is always easier than listening to ‘boring’ lectures from your teacher. But while studying in groups keep it in mind not to invite many friends since too many people would hamper serious studies.

  • Increase the level of difficulty slowly:

If you have noticed, you will see that in any exercise of your mathematics textbook, the easiest sums are the first few problems. Moreover, any textbook contains many solved examples prior to the exercise. Go through those examples thoroughly and when you think you have understood the concept, try practicing without seeing the solution. This will increase your confidence if you are able to get the right answer. If you are able to understand and solve all the problem sums given as examples without even taking a sneak peek at the solutions, start solving the main exercise. You might stumble at the harder problems initially but that is normal. Just keep your calm and do not panic instantly. Try several times and try various methods too. Even then if you are unable to solve the problem sums take your teacher’s help.

  • Treat Mathematics as any other subject:

Mathematics is after all just another subject in your syllabus. But even mathematics is likeable too. It is pretty exciting when you start solving one problem sum after another with élan. Say to you, “Mathematics is not tough and I will definitely conquer my fear” several times! No, this is not a joke! Asserting and believing you can do something is the first thing that prepares your mind towards achieving it finally. Few might argue that Mathematics is not imaginative like English or practical like Biology or Commerce. But Mathematics is all these and more. You will be amazed to know that even creative aspects music and dance works on Mathematical calculations. So, next time you say Mathematics is boring just plug on your earphones and listen to your favourite song. It will make you make you realize even Mathematics is beautiful.

  • Play games:

No, it is not crazy when we ask you to play games, outdoor or indoor to improve Mathematics. Sports increase your logical thinking, perception while letting you have a good time. Everybody knows the proverb “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Every Jack or Jill needs their time for recreation that increases blood flow to the brain and increases brain activity. Both outdoor and indoor games are beneficial and provide different set of benefits. Outdoor games increase both physical and mental agility and team sports builds your morals while indoor games or computer games increases you power of reasoning and mental activity. This helps freshen up your mind. But, you should control and limit the duration of your game time too. Because unlimited playing might actually make Jack a dull boy since he would not get enough time to study or practice resulting increased phobia and worse results. So balance your studies and games and you are good to go!

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If men can tame tigers and travel in space, you can also do well in Mathematics. Believe in yourself without losing hope or giving up on you. We are all gifted with a beautiful brain. Utilize it and even you can work wonders in the near future if you try.

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