6 Steps to Solve Homework Problem with in an Hour

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“Half the work is done when you turn up for the show…”

You surely must have come across this very famous saying before, it’s a pity you didn’t pay more attention though! We can all unanimously agree that we hate working on homework, even when we enjoy learning new things! But the key is to get started…

I know you dread the thought of having to work on multiple subjects, you hate investing the time, you despise how you are required to stay confined in your room amidst books and cannot watch the show you wanted to watch, or how you cannot go out and play!

“Yes, that’s true! My school is making sure I don’t have a life outside of my academics!”

 Hey, but it does not have to be that way. Home works can totally stop ruining your life once you figure how to deal with them smartly and effectively, with minimum time investment! So I’ve listed some steps to solve homework problem for you which have been tried by other students and you bet they work!

Steps to solve homework problem #1

There are few subjects that are more annoying than the others! For instance, in biology, you can Google the solutions to homework; but in math, you can’t. So the tendency to feel frustrated when working on math or accounting homework can be higher because there is little help at hand!

But you can really reduce the burden for yourself if you do not attend to do the whole work at once. If you have several days at hand, invest only 2 hours a day on the homework. If you only have a day, split the work into little portions and do each part with breaks in between!

“What if I have only a few hours on my hands?”

Oh well, your teachers really do hate you, but they still can’t get you down!Evidently, you can’t take long breaks, so take smaller ones instead. For instance, solve two problems and take a 15 minutes break: listen to a song or watch a short stand-up. These will help your mind to relax, and the work will seem like less of a burden!

Steps to solve homework problem #2

Just because you read that listening to music or watching a comedy during breaks might be a good idea doesn’t mean you should stay glued to your phone or laptop!

Researches have widely illustrated how audio-visual distractions can lead students to lose their focus; so you need to be very careful and discipline yourself a bit while you are taking the breaks. Set a clock, give yourself 20 minutes of break, but don’t you keep scrolling any longer than that!

Steps to solve homework problem #3

You have absolutely no idea how incredibly your productivity could increase if you would only bear to part with your smartphone and laptop for a couple of hours!

Try this and tell me if it worked; Take your smartphone, laptop, iPad or anything that connects you to the world outside and keep it in the next room while you’re working on the homework. You’ll figure how immensely easy it is to concentrate when you do not have Facebook or Instagram or the likes to distract you!

“But I need my laptop to do the work!”

Yes, that always remains a possibility, and in that case, my friend, we are going to count on your willpower. Try using your laptop for the homework and homework alone, perfect your will and rest the rest will follow!

Steps to solve homework problem #4

Most of the work is sorted once you can find sufficient material to do your work. However, try to arrange them before you start working yourself. If you are in high school or university, your assignments will be advanced, and for your sources, you candefinitely use research papers as are published by Project Muse and their likes.

You can also always look for books, thousands of them now being available to you with a few clicks!

For instance:There is Library Genesis, an online repository of books, where you can find content on almost any subject; and this way your sources will be totally reliable and useful!

Steps to solve homework problem #5

People who have tried online lectures know that they can be absolute blessings! We have been constantly talking about technology in this blog, and I have been telling how to and how not to use it! Excuse me for being too didactic (yikes) but I have your best interest at heart!

That being said, coming back to the question of online lectures. Have you ever tried Youtubing the topic of your homework? If you haven’t you should try it today! Whether you need to figure how to solve a sum, or how to go about a program, or a mechanical engineering assignment: you are sure to find a video on YouTube that will make it easy for you to understand the concepts!

Similarly, you can find videos explaining why a formula in chemistry or physics works the way it does! It’s a lot easier to grasp and retain knowledge when you learn it in this way!

For students of philosophy or sociology, YouTube can be a goldmine; there are hundreds of videos discussing difficult and abstract ideas, and making them easier to comprehend with examples and such!

Steps to solve homework problem #6

After trying all these homework strategies for students, there might still be certain problems that a student cannot solve; in that case, the best alternative is to get human help unless they want to get in trouble in class.

Students can directly go to their teachers for help, which is the best solution. If that doesn’t work, one can ask for help from friends; Alternatively, students can get help from professional tutors, such help is now easily available online!

To sum it up, my friends, what I’m suggesting is you should put technology to best possible use and let in help you in your homework; but make sure the same technology never becomes a distraction! Get started, and it won’t be long before you reach the finish line!

If you find these steps to solve homework problem usefully, do come back for more! Until then, good luck with the homework!

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