7 Reasons Why Students Often Get Tired After Reaching Home from School

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Life in its different stages poses different demands for the body and mind. Student life is challenging one with the pressure of academics and many more unsaid things hovering over one’s mind in the growing up stage.

The urge to face the world, be social, getting used to the bodily changes, hormonal transformations and a volley of other things occupy the mind of an adolescent. There are plenty of things that contribute to making one sluggish during school days, especially when students are back from school. Let us explore and find out the specific reasons. Here are top 7 reasons that make students feel tired once they reach home after school!

Adolescence- the time for change

When it is the adolescent period, students tend to feel tired, stressed, become couch potatoes and at times low performing — these are all signs of deeper frustrations that they undergo while embracing change. The urge to be accepted socially, the psychological and physiological demands go up and often leads to an irritable temper, grumpiness and tiredness.

Lack of energy is not only the cause of feeling lethargy, students often develop a mind where they dump themselves in their own room, away from family and regular life to accept their growing needs and demands and live a peaceful life.

Curing the sleep issue is pivotal

The most common and important thing that students suffer from is improper sleep. If your child is sleeping for only five or six hours at night, it is a source of major concern. A good eight or nine hours sleep is crucial to begin the day on a high note, be productive and stay productive whether studying, engaging in extracurricular activities in school or showing the right signs of absorbing all post school at home.

When students sustain wakefulness for long, the functionality level of the mind and the body cannot remain operational in optimum level for long. So ensuring good sleep is a must. Proper sleep leads to a good immune system and adds loads of freshness to your body and mind.

When students don’t exercise enough!

Hitting the gym, running or exercising  can be the last thing that you want to delve into early morning, but it can offer you loads of benefits if you do it right in the best possible way . You might feel the sense of tiredness will grip you, body ache and more if you’re spending time exercising, but know this for sure that the intake of oxygen pumps up the functional power of lungs and hearts, letting you to feel more energized, cutting down levels of fatigue in the long run.

With packed up tuitions, long school hours, classes devoted to extra —curricular activities, you do not need to be a fitness freak, but spending 15 to 20 minutes daily for exercising or every alternative day, can really change you as a person! It will load your body with energy and the flow of nutrients in the body become seamless when you take up exercising!

Addiction to caffeine can take away oodles of energy from the body

Coffee is one of the major sleep disrupters, so dot make cups of coffee your best partner to put you on your foot for being more active after coming home from school. The brain chemistry is different as it delays the alert response after acting as the booster initially, it slows you down!

So do away with caffeine of you want to keep headaches and irritability at bay. Addiction to caffeine is a habit some high students often get into because they want more hours of wakefulness to study, but it is not a healthy option at all!

Deficiency in proper nutrition, lack of Vitamin B and iron

Iron levels can tend to be low especially in girls. Students with academic pressure, engagement in sports and other extra-curricular activities use up a lot of energy while getting engaged to a number if things.

So the body needs proper support like a rich diet with the inclusion of iron-loaded foods, green leafy veggies, lean meats, pulses, fresh fruits and a variety of citrus fruits scoring high on Vitamin C as part of daily diet. In order to make the body use up energy in the right way with what you eat, inclusion of food rich in Vitamin B can be a feasible option. Choose grains like brown rice, barley, lean proteins, variety of fishes rich in omega- 3 fatty acid, chicken and turkey as a part of regular diet.

The state of remaining dehydrated

Making the body to remain hydrated is one tip that students must follow. When there is as less as 2% loss of body’s water content, it shows in the dipping down of the energy levels. The thirsty feeling, drop in pressure level, in turn, depletes the flow of blood in brains and muscles. When fluid levels go down, headaches, loss of energy and break in concentration are the common discrepancies that you will observe.

Storing up stress

Doing away with stress from life is not easy as stress got to be a part of life no matter how hard you want to negate it. So whether it is personal or academic issues bogging you down in life and making you to store stress, you need to change the frame of your mind. In order to do so, take up anything like yoga, go for a walk, join some classes so that your mind gets diverted a bit and you can channelize your energy in the right way without cluttering your life with loads of stress!

Remaining digitally plugged all the time

Going digitally unplugged is one of the blessings that this generation often fail to realize. The most important thing is that we often undermined how technology apart from the abundant advantages that it has brought to us, has come up with its share of disadvantages, also. Technology has eaten into our personal space and there are no two ways about it!

So staying away from all devices starting from laptops, computers to compulsive fidgeting with smartphones especially an hour before going to sleep, counts! Students must know how to put to effective use the option to log off from the digital world. Remaining in front of any digital device or continuously shuffling with one screen and switching to the other can lead to a number of problems for students like:

  • Lack of concentration in studies
  • Sleep problems
  • Feeling tired all through the day

Students must know how to be socially responsible in the virtual world and cut down on the time spent on different social networking channels and invest in studying, taking rest and do all that can shape up their body and mind for upping their productivity quotient.

With examinations at the drop of a hat getting into curriculum in most schools coupled with assignments and homework becoming the order of the day, students must be in good health and spirit to excel in the educational sphere. However, when loads of assignments get piled up, professional homework help companies can offer complete assistance to students in the most professional way.

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