7 Ways to Identify the Disinterest in Your Child’s Study Habits

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As parents, we constantly keep on worrying about our children’s studies, how are they performing at school, whether or not they are able to answer things in class. Many parents end up talking to counsellors and psychiatrists to find out why their child comes home with low marks and grades year after year.

One of the most common questions asked by parents is that, ‘Is there any cure for my child’s negligence towards studies?’ You, as a parent, should know how important it is to study, to get good grades and graduate then only you will be able to get a proper job and stand in your life.

But it is infuriating when you see your child neglecting his or her studies in spite of you telling them repeatedly how important studies are. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to help shape a good future for your child so you constantly nag after them, being very much worried about their laziness and irresponsibility.

When we were growing up it was never the job of our parents to tell us to study; we knew we had to study. So then why our children have put studies as a secondary option and put Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms as their primary focus? The answer is motivation.

The truth is that kids are driven, but not with what we think inspires them. They are more obsessed with social media, games and music because that’s what motivates them, but as soon as you give them books laziness and irresponsibility creeps in. But one thing must be kept in mind, never pressurize your child too much.

Too much pressure is very bad as it may lead to mental illness, substance abuse and other harmful factors that will put our children’s life in danger. There are many ways to prosper your career; one such way is best described at “5 steps to be an expert linguist”.

Here are 7 ways that help a parent to discover why their child is so much against studies:

  1. Finding study is boring

Many children find studies very boring, and they hate that they have to go on repeating the same thing over and over again. Eventually, a child becomes bored with this monotonous method of learning, and they tend to close their books.

The parents can make the method of studying more interesting so that the children are much more motivated to study. No child likes boring stuff, but if the way of teaching is a fun way your child will automatically be interested in studying. How a parent or a teacher teaches is also very important here.

  1. Lack of proper environment

The environment around which your child grows is a very important factor. If there are disturbances how will your child be able to study properly? Having a quiet place is essential. Most homes do not have a quiet place for your child to sit and study properly without any hindrances.

More than often some guests come or mothers send their children to run some errands for them. Whatever be the reason a disturbance free environment is necessary for your child to concentrate, study and learn properly.

There should be a proper time allotted to watch television or play games. But for the majority of the time, your child’s study space should be free of distractions.

  1. Get to know from his teachers

As a parent, you should get to know from his teachers how your child’s behavior in class is. Whether or not, he answers all the questions when a teacher asks him. If his grades are not up to the mark, you should sit down and have a chat with his teachers as to what is going wrong, where his weaknesses lie, what are his strong points? Then only will your child be able to do well. Proper management and guidance are all that is required from parents and teachers.

  1. Inadequate appreciation

As a parent, you constantly have to appreciate your child to fare well. Many parents do not appreciate their children’s efforts and constantly scold them and pressurize them to do better. This type of etiquette should not be present among parents.

A parent should love and should support their child, especially when they have not done well in their exams. Low grades can dampen the morale of your child, and it can lead to not caring much about studies. But you, as a parent should not scold your child at such a time, but stay behind him and support your child and tell him he or she can do better.

  1. Importance of education

Your child may not know the value and importance education has in their lives, but it is up to you, the parents to make sure your child knows the true value of education. Children who have no clue about the significance of education usually end up hating study.

  1. Passion in life

It is very important to know in what field your child is interested in and passionate about. What makes him happy, which subject he likes to study more than the others? These little things are important which later in life helps your child, which path he will choose.

  1. Methods of teaching

How do you teach your child is very important? Children have different ways to appreciate and learn things. Some may like to read from textbooks while others prefer some visual aid. Different children have different ways to comprehend and learn. As a parent, you should know and understand what suits your child better. Finding the correct method of teaching is important for your children’s willingness to study.

A child’s brain is very delicate. It is the work of parents not to overload it with too much pressure and work. As a parent, you should focus on helping your child to make learning to his or her liking. Only then will your child be able to make a stand and make you proud.

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