8 Tips on How to Write a College Essay That Will Make You Stand Out

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You must have heard this saying that “a good essay is 10% inspiration, 15% perspiration and 75% desperation”.

True indeed when you are desperately in need of finding solutions for how to write a college essay? Or if I put it more specifically then how to write a rather good college essay?

Well, a college essay is something that Admission offices get in abundance and have to choose very particularly out of the lot. Hence, it leaves no room for doubt that your essay must be honest and genuine to make a mark on the authorities.

College essays give students an opportunity to tell their stories, and most of the candidates fail unbelievably in impressing them.

An essay must be depicting your unique qualities along with being personal and thoughtful in order to shine through. So, don’t just write a usual and boring essay that will be simply forgotten at the very moment. Bring your best side instead!

Still scratching your head on crafting an unforgettable college essay? Here are the top 10 tips on how to write a college essay that will help you immensely at the decision time.

  1. Tell your story

Have you got a unique background or an interesting hobby? Craft that into your essay!

But don’t make it boring, give it an edge! Write it like this is your last opportunity to impress the college authorities.

The officials have to go through an enormous number of essays everyday, and most of the time they do not even read the whole content if it does not appeal to them at the first go!

So, think cautiously and bring out your best side by slipping in some feel to it! Add some emotional quotient or convey your humorous side through it.

  1. Follow a format

At times it is found that students write their essay in the most profound way but fail to execute it in a proper way.

Each writing need to follow a specific format and should be structured in a way that is easy to read and holds some meaning!

Bring a natural flow to your essay by following these steps-

  • Start with a brief introduction to what your essay is all about.
  • Explain the main idea of your writing divided into several paragraphs within the body.
  • Summarize your essay by concluding at the end.

The above steps are very easy and simple to sketch an essay and will surely help you in your quest of finding a solution to your problem of “how to write a college essay?”

  1. Get an honest feedback

It is very common that mostly we do not tend to point out our mistakes ourselves. However, this notion should be avoided while writing your college essay and getting someone to help you with revising your essay can be very helpful.

Ask your family member, friends or teachers to go through your content once and mark the necessary suggestions. Getting a second opinion from some trustworthy source can never hurt you; instead, you will be able to know the shortcomings of your essay and make it a better one.

  1. Proofread and make corrections

Never! I repeat, never ever submit your essay without proofreading it! Even better if you do it several times or ask for a helping hand to do it.

So many essays get rejected because they are mostly written in poor English or with numerous grammatical errors.

Typos are again a major turn off! Hence, it is always advised that you must recheck the spellings or grammatical mistakes and make necessary changes wherever needed.

  1. Don’t lie

Always remember that your college essay is a reflection of your personality and you must be transparent with it!

It should reveal your brighter sides coherently but also should not make a false commitment about your weaknesses.

If you are good at something, say it! If you are not so good at something, say it too!

This way you will be cleared of all your aspects and officials will have an honest impression of you.

  1. Stay in line

This is a very common mistake that students make while writing an essay that they implement too much into one!

Not everything fit into one! You need to understand that.

Starting with a single issue and then proceeding into several destroys reader’s attention and make him lose interest midway through the essay.

Your essay should have a sole motto and single idea! It should be intact with a concrete idea and should not divert the reader into varied things.

Before writing the final content do some research on how to write a college essay and make your goal clear about what you are going to add into your writing and what is worth excluding.

  1. Use your creativity

Tell your story in a creative style by bringing uniqueness. Choose a topic that will highlight your interests and prove your dedication.

Telling and showing are two different things as showing have a bigger impact on the audience than mere telling.

Use words as such that you are confident about and do not only state facts. Bring in authority through your word that will justify your essay.

  1. Give reasons

Provide them reasons on why they should choose you over the other applicants!

This is not a very tough task, however, as you are the one who knows best about yourself. Officials want to know about you and why you are the best applicant that should be given the opportunity.

Their main objective of making you write a college essay is that you divulge out your details in the best way possible that will make their task simpler.

Hence, do the needful but do not make a desperate attempt, keep things easy and effective and leave the rest to the authorities.

So, now with the handful of easy and effective tips, you must have got a clear idea of “how to write a college essay”?

Now bring them into action and sketch a splendid essay that will make you shine through your admission procedure.

If you find the above tips helpful then show us some love by sharing it and don’t forget to write your experience to us!


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