9 Tips You Should Follow To Ace that Timed Essay

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Scared of timed essays?

Don’t worry, you are not the only one in this world. A timed essay is something which most scholars are not comfortable writing.

Due to a limited period in time for finishing a topic, makes it quite hard for pupils to get a grip on this aspect. However, there are ways through which you can easily handle this pressurized work.

All you require is to go through 9 tips to ace that timed essay which is below. However, before diving into the tips, have a look at timed essays.

What is a timed essay?

It is also known as essay exams, in-class essay, etc. You need to demonstrate your disciplinary knowledge through this essay writing activity with a short stipulated time.

These happen to be quite popular among students as it helps teachers and professors to grade disciples in a short period.

Hence, you need to follow tips which are below for the ultimate results!

Problems you might face when having to write timed essays

There are numerous problems which you might face when comes to writing timed essays which 9 tips to ace that timed essay.

One of the most essential ones refers to the fact that it has to be finished within such a short period. Writing a remarkable essay at such a short period is not possible if one doesn’t follow a specific set of rules.

So, time management plays a crucial part in this field. If you don’t utilize the time adequately you will never be able to get it right and always score low.

Second of all is the topic. It is not possible for you to prepare for something which you don’t really know. When sitting to write, at that time you will get to know the essay topic and create something impressive there.

Hence, knowing beforehand is not possible!

Tips to ace timed essays

There are certain essays which make writing timed essays quite essay for you. Check out 9 tips to ace that timed essay.

  1. Outlining practice

This is where everything begins. You need to understand that to write something you need to know about it and form an outline which will help in creating a remarkable essay.

Outlining is a strategy where you are required to form a list, ideas, etc. for having an essay prompt. Practicing how to create an outline is a must for you.

It helps in keeping your essay in track even if you get lost when writing it and also, helps in staying focused.

Even before getting essay topic in exams think about what your professor might choice. Since you have gone through the syllabus, it shouldn’t be really hard for you to figure out a few topics which might come for the essay exam.

After this, you can practice creating an outline for these for an optimal result when the time comes.

  1. Preparing the syllabus

A must do thing for you is to prepare your syllabus in the best way possible. You might ask how that will help?

Well,when you are quite familiar with the entire syllabus, you will have more knowledge to provide necessary information in your topics. This is an essential part of 9 tips to ace that timed essay.

Similar to other ways of preparing, you can study assigned texts, group study, jot down notes in details, etc. As you go through all these you will understand themes and subject better which aids in preparing for writing timed essays.

  1. Time management

This is simply the most vital aspect of writing a timed essay. Without being able to manage time properly, you will either fail to write a proper essay or will be unable to complete it on time.

You need to practice writing essays in a short time at home. Also, go through formats to know whether you prefer writing using single or multi-draft format.

The more you practice at home the better it is for you!

  1. Understanding prompt

It is important you understand what is the central question. As soon as you catch what you need to put in your paper, you will promptly answer it.

Hence, before answering it in your exam, simply read a question several times. Consider breaking your prompt in different aspects. This will help in answering accurately.

  1. Selecting a side

This is another important thing which you should be aware of9 tips to ace that timed essay. There are two different sides to an essay.

Hence, choose a side before to see whether you would like to argue against or for a topic. Also, remember, if you are not sure about what to do, simply note a few points down and you will understand what you will write about.

  1. Outline

You should create an outline which will provide you an idea about the essay and also help shape the introduction. Since outline is like a blueprint, you can simply have an idea about the entire essay through it.

  1. Introduction

Having a great introduction will help you earn great points from your professor which will lead to better marks.

  1. Evidence and ending

Ensure that your essay’s viewpoint has excellent evidence which supports your viewpoint. Without it, the entire essay will not hold. Also, ensure conclusion sums up the whole essay. This is also vital when it comes to 9 tips to ace that timed essay.

  1. Revision

Like every other work ensure going through every line before submitting it. If there is any inconsistency you will notice it and rectify it.

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So, make sure you follow these 9 tips to ace that timed essay.

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