A Brief Study on the Euro Area Banking Union

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How finance is directly related to banks and its features?

In the course of financial studies, financial accounting has to play a very important role as the monetary prowess of an economy drives the entire world in great terms. Thus, it becomes extremely important for anyone and everyone currently pursuing financial studies to have a good grasp on the study materials which are provided and also have in-depth knowledge about everything in question which are relatable in the real world.

In the banking sectors of the economy, a financial account play a very big part in terms of keeping records of the day to day transactions and also assesses the liquidity of the bank and other companies who part by part become the customers of the ban. Thus, having specialised personnel to handle the finance department of the bank it utterly important.

The Eurozone crisis, in brief

Since the end of 2009, the European nations have been dipped into a stage of the debt crisis which lasted until 2014. This has been caused due to lack of proper supervision and also other factors which affected in the banking norms and thus the numerous banks which fall under the European Union suffered huge losses which resulted in the closure of several banks. In order to minimise such kind of a thing again, the euro area banking union was developed in order to minimise such kind of an act and also to maintain the financial stability and bringing back the liquidity of the banks in the market.

In the European debt crisis, several banks in the European nations failed to achieve economic stability n thus failed to repay the debts provided to the banks by the government of the different states. This resulted in the banks going into a stage of bad debts as they recurrently failed to repay the debts provided by the government. This led to the pile-up of several loans and credits which slowly began to damage the overall banking system in the European nations. This affected the worldly economic status and stability until it was called off and termed as the stage of the Eurozone crisis.

Importance of understanding the functionality of banks in finance

As a student of finance. It is important to keep note of all the various activities that have been taking around in the world related to all financial institutions which work in order to develop the economy of the world at large.

This allows the student to have in-depth knowledge and also allows to make him or her ready to tackle all kind of finance-related problems and also to find all the various solutions that could help in developing the state of affairs and to provide a state of equilibrium in the financial market.

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Why was the banking union formed?

Now coming back to the point where we were discussing the Eurozone crisis, the banking union was formed in order to see through all the various transactions upheld in the market and also to regulate the regular flow and outflow of cash.

It was created in accordance with all the banks in the European nation so that there could be parity among the banking sector of the country. This was also done because there was a lot of cash outflow rather than cash inflow which created a pool of debts among all the banks in the European nations which resulted in the instant dissolution of the funds of the banks and put them under the threat of mass debt accumulation.

Five actions to be taken in support of the euro area banking union

But considering the real question of the day on submitting some of the reasonable ways or actions by which you can strengthen the euro area banking union are as follows.

  1. In the question of controlling problem banks in the market, there are certain criteria which the banking union must keep note of. The first and the most important point to consider is that it must always be ready to take up any kind of an intervention which is called in for early access and also must have the ability built in to make early preparations in order to strengthen the unity among the fellow bankers.

There are various agencies in the market which can help and assist the banks in getting a schedule incorporated so that the problem bank is resolved and also intervened properly enough to fight any kind of disrupts in the financial market.

  1. It is always advisable to back up with financial support in order to help out a soon helped and intervened bank. It helps the bank not to suffer any kind of sale and helps it from any kind of run out of services. It must be able to have easy liquidity state so that it can buffer into the market at a rapid pace than how it did previously.
  2. Every financial institution must undergo a certain framework which is coherent in nature. This is because is triggered an action which is required to be exactly streamlined and the credit hierarchy must claim the banking insolvency across more number of countries of the said region.
  1. When the risk of the financial crisis among the banking systems is too strong, the number of supervisions required must also go hand in hand and be made strong enough to compensate for all the crisis management.

Too much of the strict rules for the banking systems in the market might actually lead to an abrupt increase in uncertainty and also can make possible investors take a turn from the potential banks which are currently endangered in nature.

  1. The single resolution board which is a powerful authority must be capable enough to appoint a certain liquidator who shall be able to take in the proceedings of the side or marked financial institutions, this kind of a feature can initially save and also prove to be useful with larger deals among all the cross-border banks which does not compensate full-scale

Repaying the money taken is very important in the monetary industry of the market.

When a bank is taking a loan from the government in huge amounts, it becomes the duty of the bank to repay the loan in time. This is because nobody likes to be in debt and be resolved as insolvent in nature. But when such a kind of crisis happens, it is always mandatory that all the possible actions are duly taken in so that all the problems are quickly fixed and the bank comes in at a stage where it becomes operable again.

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