A Common Request of Every Student” I Need Help on My Maths Homework.”

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Maths phobia is the fear of maths. It results in unconsciousness or breathing problem among the student whenever they encounter maths problem or complex maths problem. This causes loss of time in theexam hall and results in getting less time to solve the problem of the final exam. As a result, thestudent receives less time to solve the problem and get less mark in the final exam. It causes loss of motivation in the student for solving amaths problem.

Reason of maths phobia among the student

  1. Understanding problem —

Maths subject require understanding rather than mugging. Students had anunderstanding problem when they are learning the subject at ayoung age. Either student wasn’t able to ask his/her doubts to the teacher or he/she had mentioned “I need help on my maths homework” but theteacher did not pay attention to the question. Parents were busy in their daily household work and office work and also they did not pay attention to the child’s plea “I need help on my maths homework.”all these reasons contribute to one and only one outcome, child’s inability to solve the problem and putting thefoundation of maths phobia. As the complexity of the maths subject increases, maths phobia worsens.

If such condition arises, it is better you look for help from outside. Many tutors are available who can guide your child in their homework and studies. Also after school homework help program, help achild in their homework. also, online tutor facility is available now a day’s. By this facility, you can easily reduce the transport exhaustion of the child as well you can get tutor of required educational degree easily. they are the answer to the child’s plea” I need help on my maths homework.”

  1. Parent’s inheritance —

Parent are the first person who is involved in the child’s homework. A child might have told you “I need help on my maths homework” because of either parent’s understanding problem or their disliking towards this subject, they are unable to help achildwith their homework. This dislike towards the subject is inherited by the child without knowing the real reason behind it because parents are the ideal person of the child at such a young age.

It is parent’s duty to remove their shortcomings first before they teach anything to the child. the child will pick the habits of the parents very easily. It is parent’s duty to tell thechild the importance of homework and why it is given to the child? what are the future problems which will be solved, if you are doing your homework correctly? Parents should not say anything bad about the homework in front of thechild, although they are really busy.

They can opt for after school homework help program. These programs influence the child’s mind positively and effectively. They help achild in their homework and slowly child’s mentality will change towards homework and they will get child’s good study circle. This study circle will help achild in their homework, understanding of concepts, completing studies before theexam and liking homework concept.

  1. Fellow classmate influence —

Child’s mind can be influenced very easily at such a young age. Their friends mean a lot to them. They start picking their habit. Their brain is still in growing stage. They can’t judge bad and good habit yet. It might be possible that their friend’s plea of “I need help on my maths homework” is not heard by teacher and parents. The teacher might have scolded him/her in front of theclass.

They start hating homework and teacher, so the subject. It is possible that your child will pick up the same habit of hating the subject. They also start thinking that their plea of “I need help on my maths homework.” will be unanswered as well. It is parent’s duty to see whether they see any changes in the habit of the child when he/she is completing homework.

They should ask thechild about the problem and tell thechild to talk to the friend and tell them the importance of homework to the friends. Also, try to talk to the parent of your child’s friend. Try to analyze the situation and tell your child friend’s parent about the severe situation this habit will result into. Tell them also to work on the resolving of the situation.

If thecondition is still worse, tell your child to change the study circle and friends. You can help achild in making friends by making theparent of another class fellow as their friend and then thechild will get time to talk to the other class fellows.

Apps are a great way to learn maths as well. See how mobile is a blessing for plea of your child “I need help with my maths homework”.

  1. Dyslexia or other similar problem —

It is possible that child is suffering from dyslexia and parents are busy and they are not giving proper attention to the child or they are unaware of the mental problem of the child.

A parent should consult the teacher and some consultant to help thechild. it is avery necessary step as if child’s condition is not handled properly, it will worsen the situation. Child’s problem will continue and become worse and his/her grades will continue to fall. The child’s condition will become worse as time passes. Parents need to act fast on this situation.

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