A Thorough Comparison Between Traditional and Technology-Based Educational System

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Education is a constant process which starts almost at the early childhood in homes and continues till death as in reality education doesn’t symbolize reading books and pass the exams only; it suggests something more than that. It means to gain knowledge and maturity also. However, the grounds and systems of education have been changing continuously to match the era and generation too.

Technology-based education system:

Well, we all are familiar with the concept of the traditional academic system. But, of late as technology has become advanced, it possesses a great effect on the education system too. Modern education which is highly dependent on technological advancement may include some of the following methods for edification:

  • Smart classrooms.
  • TV or projectors and computers certainly.
  • Conference education or learning through webinars.
  • Online educational mode.

There are some others also that should have a mention also in this regard. But, are these processes good enough or they may not be used instead of the traditional ways of education. To know these facts, we must first have to understand the differences between them.

Comparison of conventional and modern education:

  1. Customary education includes a proper classroom only whereas modern education gives the chances to students to study even by sitting at their homes or other distant places.
  1. The traditional environment doesn’t support any advanced devices without books and other general equipment for learning, but the contemporary system gives the permission for using different gadgets to increase the interest and understanding level.
  1. Now, students don’t have to wait for the guidelines and notes provided by their teachers; they can also have them via e-mails or by making online searches. In fact, they don’t need the physical appearance of their advisors as technology has allowed them to get connected with the desired people via webinars or video conferencing calls.

So, these are the most common and general differences between these two standards of education systems. But, though modern education has changed the perspective of learning towards the positive aspect, it obtains certain disadvantages too. Now, this is the right time to check them out.

Hindrances to modern system:

  1. Addition towards wrong deeds:

Yes, that’s true that technology helps students to save their times but the gadgets that they have to use at the time of studying increase the level of attraction as well as addition towards them and they are found to waste their valuable times by using them instead of learning from them. Several studies have already showed that this tendency is responsible for generating criminal tendency in students also.

  1. Increase lack of discipline:

As sometimes studies can be done without attending proper organizations, pupils become indiscipline. They can’t understand the value of leading a disciplined and routine life and hence, punctuality becomes a real trouble for them too.

  1. Decrease the interest of book learning:

E-learning is possible nowadays and books and pdf files are also available. These are the main obstacles for fetching interest towards books as students are not ready to give their time to books, they would better go for availing e-books which are okay but by this way they become lazy and tendency to get success by Midas touch gets boosted.

So, it can be remarked that both the systems possess both positive and negative quality. It’s our duty to use them in a perfect way.

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