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Accounting cycle a complicated theory of accounts

The accounting cycle has often been described as a process which includes certain steps. These steps are as follows

  • Collecting
  • Identifying
  • Analysing transactions and documents
  • Recording transaction in journal
  • Posting various journalised documents
  • Preparing a Worksheet
  • Preparing adjusted trial balance sheet
  • Preparing financial statement
  • Posting closing entry

The process of accounting cycle has started since the days of manual bookkeeping and accounting into journals. The amounts in the journal are posted to the respective accounts and at the end of each month; proper steps are taken to get manually prepared financial statements on a monthly basis.

The use of accounting cycle in today’s age

Today, in almost every organisation, accounting cycle software is used that process all manually taking steps simultaneously. The accuracy and speed of this software have reduced the burden of accountants to prepare financial worksheet every month containing adjusted entries, unadjusted trial balance, and adjusted trial balance. The accountant can enter the adjusted entries into software and thereby obtain a complete financial statement by obtaining reports from a menu.

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