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What is an accounting?

Accounting can be defined as the process of recording, classifying, reporting and calculating business transactions for day to day management. It provides a feedback to the managers with the financial as well as the statistical data to organize the regular transactions of any business concern.

  • Recording

When any transaction occurs in a business, it is recorded in the books of accounts for further inquiry. Receipts, as well as the payment section, is filled up to obtain the various business transactions. The recording is a key of accounting which provides with invoices and legal documentation of the actual transaction.

  • Classifying

It is the process of identifying the accounting transactions and assigning them to the corresponding invoices. This process helps the bookkeepers to classify each transaction and save them for further accounting details.

  • Reporting

It is the process of creating the reports for the day to day transactions made by the management. These accounting statements are needed to be reported to finalize business documents or any kind of transaction happening on a daily course of a business.

  • Calculating

Financial accounting is based on all the right calculations and proper billing system to provide the management with the assorted task.

What are the various components and the basic elements of accounting?

By the accepted accounting standards, there are some basic elements which should be present in the management of accounting information.

  • Assets

Assets are the important part of any business which helps to conduct the business activity. You need to own the right of any asset to use it for your personal or business use. Assets are the future benefits of any business which meets the requirements. It can be used in place of cash and be used in dealing with transactions.

  • Liabilities

Liabilities are the obligations of any business. They are used as mortgage and loans for buying off any shares or deals for the business. These are debts which are credited if there is an increase in the amount and then debited if there is a decrease.

  • Expenses/Losses

Expenses are the reduced assets and the increase in liabilities of any business. Whenever an item is brought in for a business, it becomes an impending expense for the concern. Expenses are only recorded in the books of account when they are paid off.

  • Revenues/Gains

These are the gain in which are collected in a business. These are the increase in assets of the business. Revenues are written as an advance when they are already paid off by the customer and recorded as outstanding if the payment is due.

  • Owner’s Equity

Equity if the first money which is put into a business to commence its start. It belongs to the owner or the one who is actually commanding the whole business. Equity helps the business to perform properly and function in a proper way. Investments made or loans taken for the business are the increase in the owner’s equity of the business.

What are the characteristics of accounting?

Qualitative as well as Quantitative characteristics of accounting are the major supporting role which fits in the decision making as well as the accounting theory.

  • Relevance

It proves how relevant is a financial concept that is used in information that may aid the users in making decisions as well as conducting the daily activities of the business. These are relevant primary standards that must be bear upon for useful actions.

  • Reliability

Reliability is the main source which makes accounting information useful. Reliable information is used in the hearing of judgments and closing or opening deals which determines the financial position of any business.

  • Comparability

When decisions of a variable time period are compared with each other, the financial position of concern is understood. Economic decisions are based on the comparisons among alternatives.

  • Objectivity

This implies that accounting information is prepared and reported in the most neutral way. In other words, accounting information of users is not based on anyone’s opinion and bias-free.

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