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Any firm needs certain strategies to work in the corporate field. With the knowledge of acquisition as well as restructuring, any firm can evaluate the working and happenings of a business organization. Students often confuse both of these concepts as a whole and have the wrong conception while attending their examinations. will help you to build the perfect knowledge you need.

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The concept of Acquisition and Restructuring

The main function of any business organization is to build a perfect knowledge about the operations and the dealings with other firms. A business acquisition is the acquiring of a company to build on the strength and weakness. A merger is as equal to acquisition but refers to the more combining of equal in interests of any company.

Restructuring is the action taken by any firm or organization which eliminates any debt, structure or operations of the organization to eliminate threats and potential damages to the business. If any company is fondling off to pay its debt or cost to other deals, it can restructure the details and terms in the financial books to create an easier way of paying.

The merger is the merging of two organizations or firms so that they can perform better and in a more effective way by the combined strength produced. A smart business merging will help to acquire new heights and means in the business world. Any successful business merging will help to eliminate potential risks and damages approaching the concern and help to pave an effective way into handling the business documents plus business transactions to settle.

Reasons for Acquisition and Restructuring

  • Increase in Market Power and Position

A primary reason for business acquisition and restructuring is to increase in the strength of the firm to perform its devoted tasks. With the help of acquisition, any organization can gain the knowledge of handling and settling the payments or debts on its own as well as the help with the merged business. Restructuring can cut off the business debts on a maximum level and help the business to conduct its operations on a daily basis.

  • To Change the Nature of Business

In a successful market with a lot of potential dealers, it is necessary to restructure according to the need of the customers. If any business is behind the schedule and conducting its business which is not customer friendly then it is likely to develop a negative view from the customers. It is important to understand the nature of risk and restructure according to what is needed.

  • Overcoming the Entry and Exit Barriers

A new business entering the field often face entry barriers with potential and emerging business already on the rise. With the acquisition of various business segments, it becomes easy to overcome both entry and exit barriers so that large firms can offer maximum deals and choices to the customers and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • New Methods

To prosper among a group of potential employers, it is important to learn new methods to build a new empire. With existing business and mentioned concerns it can be difficult to come in the market and act on own. Restructuring and acquisition help to prosper any firm which wants to condemn its own business and work for the number of customer lying in a concern.

Advantages and Disadvantages surrounding Acquisition and Restructuring

Both the concepts contain both advantages and disadvantages surrounding them. Some of the points are discussed below.


  • Improving the business methods of statistics as well as increasing the customer loyalty of any firm or organization.
  • Obtaining additional skills and quality staffs to get the daily works of the business going smoothly without hindrances.
  • Accessing a large value of assets to improve the development and working funds of any firm or organization.
  • It sets the point of a business and helps it to get recognized in the market.


  • Inadequate evaluation of the target or over-evaluation of the target may lead to false reports.
  • If the business is subjected to large and huge lump sum debts then it may be difficult to restructure the concerns policies.
  • If the organization or firm is too focussed on the acquisition and not the development of the firm then it may adverse the firm in various ways.
  • Without complete valuation and checking of the reports, a faculty is likely to produce unwanted results.

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