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Costing is an important branch of accountancy. Students often get stumbled over topics like activity based costing where one has to analyse on the various activities and distribute cost in accordance. To get a detailed grasp of this subject matter, availing activity based costing homework help can be a wise decision.

What is Activity based costing all about?

Activity Based Costing or ABC analysis is a practice that deals with the various activities of an organisation and allocates cost for each one that is assigned to all the products and services. Also, the cost is assigned to only those products where the activity is involved during its generation. So, it is comparatively more logical than the traditional practice of assigning cost on machine hour.

Importance/ application of Activity Based Costing

Now, as our writers provide activity based costing homework help for students, they write contents that apply to businesses in current days. The applications of ABC analysis are the following.

  • ABC analysis is a reliable way to detect the activities and products that generate the least profit for the company.
  • It helps to eliminate the unnecessary costs of inefficient products and activities.
  • It determines the real expenses of the business activities individually.
  • Moreover, it assists the company to maximise its profit by shifting its focus to the highly profitable activities.
  • Activity based costing aims to set a fixed price for the products and services to get back the primary cost involved.
  • The businesses find it easy to track and manage the stocks with the help of ABC analysis.

Restrictions on implementing activity based costing

Moreover, let’s check the limitations associated with activity based costing that business finds apprehensive to implement.

  1. Identifying the cost

One of the major limitations of ABC analysis is to detect the cost undergone through each activity. Besides, even if one assigns indirect and administration cost, it cannot be relied upon as it is done on estimation basis.

  1. Too expensive

The cost associated with implementing ABC system requires a lot of costly setups. Also, it involves huge maintenance that poses difficulties to small companies.

  1. Different reports

The results of ABC analysis are quite different from the traditional method of profit and loss account that sends confusing signals to the business. This is due to the different sources of data coming from different departments.

  1. Doesn’t obey GAAP

ABC analysis doesn’t comply the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP because it does not allocate all manufacturing costs to products. Therefore, it has to produce reports both for internal and external purposes with the help of traditional as well as ABC method.

  1. Over or under-costing of products

ABC analysis determines cost on the basis of cost drivers and activities used to manufacture products. Many a time, there is a chance of under or over-costing of the products that can misguide the overall statement.

  1. Lack of expert technical know how

Many a time company lacks the knowledge about the existence of activity based costing. Also, absence of skilful experts with technical know-how is the major constraints of implementing activity based costing.

Why do students look for activity based costing assignment help?

Though ABC analysis has become a crucial topic in Costing, there are many tough areas that prompt students to seek for professional activity based costing assignment help from us.

  • Calculation of overhead cost and assigning them under subheads
  • Applying cost pools to activity based costing system
  • Identifying the Cost driver and its rate
  • Comparing ABC analysis to plant-wide costing, etc.

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To get good marks in an assignment, it is essential to present data in a visually appealing manner. It also simplifies the entire project and makes it easy to read. Often, you wish to put in a lot of data, but due to lack of proper presentation skill, your entire project might not get as well as you thought. In these cases, you can take our assistance and get the chance to know how to present data in an important subject like activity based costing.

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