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What is Amortization? A small brief!

Let’s start with an example. When buying a car, not everyone is financially capable of paying the entire amount in one go. So, an arrangement is made between the two parties where the buyer agrees to pay the total amount of the car in small chunks every month. What she/he does is spread the cost of the asset over time. This way, affording a car becomes not only possible but also easier.

Let’s take another example of home loan. When you take home loan from a bank, you don’t tell them you would repay them the credit amount in its entirety in one goes, do you? An agreement is made whereupon you agree to pay your bank the loan amount in small chunks every month. What you do here is spread this cost over time.

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We make it simple for you

This same principle applies even to amortization distributing the total cost in small installments that are to be paid over the scheduled period. In layman’s terms, this is the definition of amortization. But since used more in correlation to accounting, it’s important to know more about it in a more technical perspective.

The Not-So-Simple Meaning

Amortization is an accounting term that refers to the process of paying off the debts in fixed and multiple installments over the period of fixed intervals. The agreement is made to spread out the capital expense for intangible assets, which also is its big distinction from depreciation that uniquely deals with tangible assets. The arrangement is quite handy for start-ups who, in lack of adequate capital, can still afford essential intangible asset on the basis of its anticipated future returns. The expense gets amortized with future revenue, putting the pressure off the business owners in present days.

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Accounting Career Opportunities

Indeed, the concept of amortization is much complex, which gets even more intricate if the debt amount is large and the company is big. A range of factors goes into calculating the amortization amount right from the current stature of the company to its future plans that can either bust or boom its growth. Also, what kind of intangible assets are involved in the arrangement can bring their own unique challenges, given the valuation of such assets isn’t always very straightforward.

Perhaps this is the biggest reason with how integrated the entire process of calculating amortization is the demand for professionals with expertise in this niche are so high. Especially when dealing with large-scale companies where such arrangements can stake many challenges, the individuals with the right set of skills are highly rewarded. It is, in fact, one of many accounting career opportunities that you can avail if going to this professional stream through the right courses.

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