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ANOVA or the analysis of variance is basically a statistical method which was developed by Ronald Fisher in 1918. Before this method was discovered, z-test and t-test were commonly used to measure variance. But there was a limitation in applying t-test method. It cannot be applied in more than two groups, and that is why Ronald Fisher developed this testing principle called analysis of variance. To understand the method in more detail manner, availing the service of analysis of variance assignment help will prove to be the best.

This method is used to analyse the variance between more than two groups, and this is the reason why this method is extensively used in statistical analysis. However, the definition of the method does not end here. It involves various aspects and theories that can only a subject-matter expert can describe.

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What is the general purpose of this theory?

These days, the researchers are using this method in various ways. The use of this method mainly depends on research design. Basically, researchers use ANOVA is three ways namely

  • One-way ANOVA
  • Two-way ANOVA
  • N-way or Multivariate ANOVA

Let’s discuss them in brief

One way

When this method in applied to compares between two groups depending on one factor, it is called one-way ANOVA.


When a company wants to compare employees productivity based on two factors, it is called two-way ANOVA. Two-way ANOVA is basically used to see the effect of one factor controlling the other.


When the factor for comparison is taken, it is called N-way ANOVA. For example, in measuring the productivity of a company, if it takes into account all major factors for productivity measurement, it is called N-way ANOVA.

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