Assignments Should Be an Integral Part of Student’s Academic Curriculum. Justify!

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Having assignments in academic life can definitely help students to achieve success. Doing assignments on regular basis allow them to stay updated with courses and finally it becomes less painful to prepare for exams. As quoted by Marie Curie, “Nothing in life to be feared. It is only to be understood.” The prime objective of assignments is to help students improve their learning capabilities. It is said that the more we use brains, the more chance of developing it.

It is a scientific fact that through assignments student can become extremely creative and finally give them opportunity to learn different life values. Students can learn different things in school and also learn how to read and practice.

There are some students who have goals in life which should be accomplished within stipulated time. But, to fulfill objective in life it becomes absolutely necessary to have sufficient degree. Doing assignments is really very important as this can give chance to stay prepared for practical examination and also have clarity on theoretical examinations.

Writing an assignment is effective!

Today, it is easy to find out online help services that can give chance to gain clarity on subject. Students who think that writing an assignment is of no use, then you need to think twice and keep an eye on few important points which is discussed below:

  • Practice daily and stay participated

Why do you think that students have hatred for any particular subject? It is important that you need to focus on getting higher grades. Teacher may not be active all time and would not be able to eliminate phobia related to physics, math and calculus. It is important to take initiative in understanding the subject and should spend some time in studies.

Assignments are the start up and with some research you will be able to reveal some new concepts which can develop interest in subject. So, it is vital to practice every concept and stay active in class which can give new insights on topic.

  • Understand practical world

It is said that whatever is performed in academic life is actually the mirror of practical side. So, one should always take idea and inspiration from schools and colleges before stepping into professional world. The assignments would ask for thorough research and also demand understanding of physical visits for interviews.

Doing assignments in schools and colleges will definitely give clear idea on what would happen in practical world! So, once you become acquainted with school studies then it becomes convenient to understand real office environment.

  • Improving interpersonal skills

Through interpersonal skills, it is possible to evoke skills of interacting that may occur between group mates and other colleagues. It is truly vital to communicate with teachers and evaluation. The duration of assignments need to be decided by teacher which should finally be completed with various individuals. Through interpersonal skills it is possible to enhance communication skills.

Teams can bring leadership skills in yourself that would allow focusing more on goals and also emphasizing on increase efficiency.

Functionality of assignment writing

When it comes to exams, instructor gets chance to evaluate the performance of every student and analyze their deficiencies which can later be rectified. Once the high school life begins, students are given to do assignments. There are various reasons that influence writing of assignments. One of the main reason is that students can thoroughly be evaluated with their writing and also examine their level of understanding on subject.

“A mistake is a crash course in learning.” —Billy Anderson

  1. Giving clarity to students what needs to be done: Students should have clarity on task that is assigned to them. Assignments should give an objective and students would be able to see purpose of study. The objective of every lesson is very important as this would come up with direction and definiteness to thought and activities of pupil.
  2. Show how work is done: While doing assignments it is also vital to understand top 10 tips to solve word problems in Math quickly. Procedure needs to be followed by every student while doing their work. Teachers have to take necessary initiative for better explanation and make their study period effective. All writers and authorities regarded to be the chief function of assignments.
  3. Why students should do assignments: The only purpose of the assignments is to make sure that pupil understands their subject well. It is necessary to evoke sense of responsibility and also develop interest. Motivation is the ultimate function of doing any assignment.
  4. Gain complete view of subject: It means that it becomes really very important to connect the past lesson with the new one. This helps to understand principles of appreciative learning. Teacher has to direct students in proper use of interpretive purposes. Once the work is done properly, students can learn that they earned mastery in new elements and subject.

Need for doing assignments

Assignments are known to be a holistic approach which can allow students to adopt different learning technique and it is said to be an effective source of reading and also practical application of knowledge. Certainly there is some physical constraint of lecturer which restricts them from completing lessons within stipulated time. But, through help of homework and assignments the constraints can easily be eliminated.

Assignments are also considered as evaluation technique for students. It is a kind of evaluation through which students can understand their level of learning. Evaluation in assignments acts as a complimentary method which is associated with open as well as closed book.

“Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted.” This means that students can do their work more efficiently if they have equal time to spend on their recreational activity. Assignments are known to be a parallel process which can develop analysis skills among students. Creativity and innovation are the important aspects in students’ life which can only be nurtured through different school work. Students are given assignments with the objective to give complete clarity on concept.

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