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If you are an accountancy student, you must be aware of balance sheet which is one of the fundamental aspects of accounting. Most of the times professors and teachers assigns tasks for homework and assignment based on this topic that many students find complex and difficult. To get students out of this situation, we, at offer you the best balance sheet homework help which will assist you in scoring better marks.

So, here’s a beginners guide to the balance sheet.

What is Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet reflects the financial statement of a company at a particular time. It has two heads mainly assets, liabilities and shareholder’s equity. Assets comprise tangible objects like furniture and land, to intangible resources like patent, goodwill, etc. On the other hand, liabilities are the obligations of the company that needs to be repaid.

Shareholder’s equity is another asset source which is applicable if only one is the sole proprietor of his business. Retained earnings and paid-in capital are the examples of shareholder’s equity.

Now, let’s check the application of balance sheet that our writers integrate to give you exceptional balance sheet homework help.

Functions/ importance of Balance Sheet 

Balance sheets are important documents that determine the financial condition of a company. It is essential to keep an eye on the records because proper examining helps to evaluate the faults of businesses.

Here are the ways how balance sheet indicates and help in taking crucial decisions of a business that comprises one of the major parts of balance sheet homework help.

  • It helps a business to calculate its profit rate year after year and helps in improving it.
  • By dividing the total revenues of a certain period with net profits and multiplying the result with 100, brings out the net profit margin percentage. This is to ascertain the how much profit a company has generated for each product and services.
  • Debt ratio indicates the financial liabilities of the business. The lower the ratio, greater is the business condition.
  • The return on equity helps a business to evaluate the money generated from equity investments.
  • The return on assets helps to assess the income generated from properties like vehicles, real estate, equipment, etc. and compare them with the cost expended to acquire them.

How to Structure a balance sheet

While availing for a balance sheet assignment help, you must have an idea about how to prepare it.

  1. Using the accounting equation Assets= Liabilities + Owner’s equity prepare two columns. The total amount of assets should equal the added result of liability and owner’s equity.
  2. List all the current assets in the asset section that includes cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable, etc. After that, sum up the fixed assets that comprise land, furniture, goodwill, patent, etc.
  3. List the liabilities section. Account payables, short-term notes payable, accrued liabilities, etc. fall under the subhead, current liabilities.
  4. Apart from that, another liability called long-term liabilities includes long-term loans and mortgages, bonds payable, etc. Now, add the total value to get the result.
  5. Coming to this point, the difference between total assets and liabilities will give you the owner’s/ shareholder equity.

However, you need to do more intricate calculations for an assignment or homework for which you need to seek a professional balance sheet homework help.

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  • Intricate calculations and formulas

Also, problems of advanced level balance sheet involve complex calculations and formulas that become tough for many students to solve. For instance, to determine the financial strength and liquidity of a company you need to know the formula of working capital, current ratio, acid test, etc.

  • Ambiguous data

Sometimes it becomes difficult for students to assess the data. Thus they end up in doing a wrong entry. Also, it becomes difficult to analyze a balance sheet due to asset valuation and depreciation alternatives. At this time, availing an expert balance sheet homework help seems to be a wise decision where the students get an opportunity to learn their mistakes.

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