Best 15 Stress Busters’ Tips Before Final Exam

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Are you scared of the word “EXAMINATION”? It is certainly a word that can evoke a sense of panic and stress among all level of students. Parents are also nervous before the exam of their children. Exams involve lots of revision and it demands high amount of concentration which often seems lacking after a certain point.

Sitting in a four wall room and mugging up would often lead to a stressful situation and so it is a wrong method to adopt before exam. So, how can you prepare well to achieve good score? Parents and teachers should take the responsibility to offer a comfortable ambience that can give opportunity to study well. Once you are well prepared with syllabus, there is no chance of getting stressful before exam.

Go to college to learn and study well

Study hours are truly vital and there are many students around who would love to do overnight group study with peers. They might think that studying with friends can be helpful to grasp up the subject. But, often it is found that opting for group study ends up having fun instead of learning the subject. Getting involved in unnecessary agendas would lead to failure in exam. Therefore, to enjoy a stress-free life before exam, it is necessary to understand the goal and concentrate on studies.

Make a check list with different requirements and make it a point to accomplish it so that the stress can be reduced easily. If possible you can also take help from family. While studying taking help from knowledgeable person can certainly allow you to reduce stress.

Tips to reduce stress before exam

Here are 15 suggestions available that can act as stress buster before your final exam. Once you implement these methods, there is a possibility of coming up with good score and perform well in exam.

  1. Balanced diet and exercise is necessary:

Does it sound a bit funny? But, you might be surprised to know that lots of students can benefit through this technique. Intake of sugar should be avoided and opt for some snacks like granola bars or have ample fruits and veggies to maintain blood sugar level. Students, who study for long time, need to have some protein. A 10 minute walk will not only keep your body fit and active, but will also refresh your mind.

  1. Have some realistic target:

Always it is advisable to students to have some realistic revision targets every day. This would not squeeze your brain in a single day and doing a bit of revision in regular basis would help to reduce stress. If you fail to manage the target, then there is a high chance of experiencing stress in your life which would further lower the learning ability.

  1. Sometimes ‘NO’ can do well:

Saying NO to your bad habits can certainly be a good idea. But, it is not enough. You need to say NO to people who consume your study time. You must be having friend who would talk for hours about their life and before the final exam having such conversation can be a distraction. Therefore, to have complete focus on study, you need to be selfish at certain point and say ‘NO’ to even your close ones.

  1. Simply avoid stressful people:

Stress is highly contagious and so during your exam week, it is important to focus on study session. Do not get into any type of conversation with your super-tense friends as this would only add up to stress level. Complaining about the difficulty level of syllabus and unable to cope up with it, will certainly make you more nervous and stressful.

  1. Take small break in between:

Whenever you plan to study, always make it a point to take a 10 minutes break in every hour. This would allow you to refresh mind and once your brain have a few minute rest it can function well. Spend your break in chatting with friends and do some social networking. This can give you some amount of relaxation. Now, you are ready to give more focus on actual work.

  1. Do not feel bored:

Does any particular subject make you bore? It is often experienced by students that a particular subject gets on their nerves. Try to understand your level of interest before you reach the saturation point. Take some breaks from subject and concentrate on some other activity or subject. Once you feel better, go back to that subject with revised energy.

  1. Avoid discussing syllabus:

If you are discussing syllabus with friends or some other person, then you are certainly inviting stress. Avoid questions like how much of syllabus has been covered and how much you plan to do. This would add up to unnecessary stress and you might fail to focus on further study.

  1. Stay positive at all time:

Some unavoidable stress is natural while others are self-created as you would like to beat things that are not in right track. Stop being so negative about yourself, rather you would appreciate yourself for the things that has been achieved. So, you will stay positive in life and will be able to maintain a good mood to learn more.

  1. Ignore all kind of procrastination:

Any kind of social media platform can be notorious mode of procrastination which needs to be avoided before exam. We all know that it is difficult to avoid such social media so how to do it? Make sure not to get into online in your study hours. Once you have completed your study for the day, you can certainly think of going online and spend few times to refresh your mind.

  1. Revision material needs to be handy:

Once the revision part gets started, there are many things that would act as a helping hand in the process. Internet search, text books and reference books are essential to revise your subject. It becomes easier to learn through topics much faster with the revision materials. If you do not get access to a particular source of material, then you can move to the next one and complete the study.

  1. Go for group studies:

Through group studies there is a possibility of reducing the level of tension that might accompany before exam. Studying with peers and constantly interacting with them on different subject would not only boost up knowledge, but will also add up to your confidence level. You will feel calmer and happier once you realize the improvement that is done on a day performance through peers.

  1. Smart study is always welcome:

Cramming chapters need to be avoided while studying. Firstly, it is essential to study concept well and also revise it properly for gathering better information. Once you start revision, it lingers in mind which further helps to perform well in exam. Learning with proper understanding of subject can evoke unnecessary fear in your mind.

  1. Online test can be helpful:

E-learning is highly advanced in present time and has certainly diminished the barriers of location and time. It is the great tool which can help in your study process and can evaluate your knowledge in advance. Choose to give online mock test before exam once you are completed with revision. This would allow you to understand your level of preparation and eventually you can release stress.

  1. Start preparing before time:

There are many students around who believe in last minute preparation, but this technique certainly does not work. So, what you need to do is to study a bit every day once your college is over. Find out some time for every subject and complete the portion that is covered in academic session. This would help to stay updated with topic and there is no need to stress you before exam.

  1. Give some space to mind:

Stress is truly an unavoidable element in every student’s life. Therefore, meditation can be a good technique to battle with stress level. It is known to be an effective way to look into life from different perspective and adopt positive thinking. Once you start meditating it is possible to maintain focus and also improve your physical and mental health to reduce stress before exam.

Few signs of stress

How will you understand that you are having a stressful life? Students would often encounter eating disorders, sleeping disorders, irritated nature etc. Parents might found that their children would overeat at certain time or can also reduce their diet plan. This noticeable change in life can be a sign of stress. The warning signals would demand you to take certain steps that can easily help to enjoy de-stressful life before exam. It is said that a bit of stress can be helpful for students, as it ensures complete focus on study.

It is said that eating dark chocolate can reduce your stress. Believe it or not, it is a fact! Dark chocolate contains 70% of cocoa which helps to fight against stress hormone and ensure to have a relaxing effect on body. Chocolate also has the ability to release endorphins which can act as a stress fighter. So, you can easily think of having some dark chocolates before exam!

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