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Biology had been a matter of study since almost fifth standard. Even before Biology came into the name, Science was the subject studied. It was as if a switch from the subject studied for so long. But in actual reason it was not and it was more or less the same subject being studied in a different way.

Thus subject is studied in various classes and majorly in Class 11 and 12. There are ways in which the State Board has its technique of teaching. It is different in the technique but not in the study material. For a standard study of Complete Biology a study of two years is required.

The study program of the whole course of study includes a series of break ups into various topics and reassuring the part that the whole syllabus is complete in a span of two years. How much difficult it is to actually cope up with the syllabus at one point is obviously a question but that it can be completed has been proven time and again.  

You need to follow a definite choice or a course of the study in order to complete the course. Generally in schools there is a weekly allotment of the subject and the assessment is taken on the topics that have been completed in a week.

If you want to study the subject in a good manner you need to dedicate full timing. The following techniques must be adopted to have a good grasp of the subject:

  1. You need to love the subject.
  2. A long trail of diagrams and pointing’s have to be done.
  3. Everyday going through the topic once in a day to revise.
  4. Relate to the happenings of the surrounding and the study of the subject.

After knowing all these kinds of study process you might be thinking that it is difficult. But to be true it is not that difficult. All you need is a sincere dedication and hard work. The whole set of the process is done in that way.

How can you actually help yourself is segregating how the subject looks like. You can segregate the subject by many sub parts as in:

  1. Human anatomy
  2. Plant biology
  3. Study of hormones
  4. Study of metamorphosis
  5. Study of the animals and all

Now it depends on you which one do you like? You might like the first one or the second one or the third. But to be very true you need to know all the parts in order to be very good in the subject of Biology. It can also help you in the long run. It will be helping you in understanding the human body as well as the plant and the animal a lot. You will have time in understanding the nature of all these at one go. The more you study, the more you get to understand the subject and the dealing of it.

It is an important subject because it will help you to know the human anatomy very well. Also the nervous system, the respiratory system and the other ones. It will also help a person know more about the menstrual flow of a woman. The birth control techniques and everything else. The uses and the pros and the cons of safe conjugal life are also discussed and taught in Biology. You will be able to have a closer look at all the other proportions in life.

The more the subject is known by you, the more you tend to deal with the things easily. Apart from this also, the plant biology is also important and helps you to understand the growth of the plants well. How the plant grows and what are the conditions of a plant to grow in an environment like this is also discussed here. The animal kingdom and how it exists is also a question and the answer is given to the reader once he deals more in the subject of Biology.

Hence the subject of Biology is much greater a concern than all the other subjects and you tend to learn and unlearn many a things in the due course which will be helping you to have a good understanding of the subject. It is of a notion that the subject is difficult but while you start liking the subject it is not.

Now comes the part where you need to actually decide on what your future endeavours look like will if you study Biology. There are several ways. You might be a Professor and start teaching. You might choose to be a Botanist or a Zoologist. You might as well become a Doctor. What you will be is on you and it is up to you. The subject will give you a definite direction as to where you can go and where you can reach in say after five years. The propositions of studying the subject is huge.

The various directions that you can choose from are majorly:

  1. Doctor
  2. Botanist
  3. Zoologist
  4. Archaeologist
  5. Nurse

When you actually choose from the various subjects of being what you want there are people who can ask you to be what you are. There are and will be many options to choose from. It is on you to decide as to what you want to be. The more you ponder on the things, the more it is possible to deal with the ways. Studying Biology can give you a way to see life in a nutshell. You can study the growth of every living thing and actually understand the complex structure of the life and help deal the ways of life from a different angle and a different take on it.

Now comes the question as to why would you love to study Biology out of all subjects?

  1. Because it will be giving you an in depth chance to know the growth of life.
  2. Because you will be having various other parts by studying Biology.
  3. Because there are chances of you being a Doctor and start serving people.

Now saying that what are the chances of you being a Doctor? How difficult it is?

It is not at all difficult. You need to study hard and appear for an examination and be a doctor.

The examination is based on what you have studied in your 11th and 12th standards and how you have studied it. It will be easier to get all the things that you want once you start studying the subject. Indeed it is. The whole lot of things that can happen in your life will be because of the fact that you are studying this subject. Biology is very important and it can help you to understand majorly everything.

Now the question is what the books that should be studied in Biology are and how it will be helping you reach where you are. The books are all the same. Whereas the prescribed books are:

  1. NCERT books of CBSE.
  2. Books by the Department of Biology of Universities.

Because these are the books that are of very importance, you might find it difficult to find one. In that case you can order it online. Now there is a problem if you order the books online. You might not get the same version of the book as you had thought of. So , the suggestion is to actually go and get the books. Or else the most reliable source is the There you will be getting all types of books and authentic ones.

Why can’t you buy any book and start studying?

The problem with those books is that they don’t cover all the parts equally and your focus to be a Doctor or a Botanist might flicker. Yes. Because it is the books that you study that would help you. To become what you want. So, you need to be very brave and choose the right book for you. You can even consult your respective teachers for this. The whole bunch of things that you actually want to do can be channelized only if you can consult your teacher. Teachers can always be the guiding light.

In various other cases where apart from the subject studied, teachers can help you choose your career path and in turn you can also help others. The more you see the importance of the subject though the teachers, the easier it becomes. The whole of it becomes a lot easier this way. There have been areas where the importance of Biology has increased due to the presence of the teachers. Why has it been the best to have them in life?

Because they can actually help you guide through the journey. The more you see to the fact that you want to become something like a Doctor then this is the opportunity to study Biology and then embark on something this great.

The more you get access to the books and the other things, it becomes easier for you to actually think on the brighter side of the whole context. If you aim to be somewhere high then you can actually think of something like studying Biology and then embarking on a journey called this. The other things of studying Biology is you become more aware and then keep up the spirit of the whole thing.

The journey of life can easily be understood if you are studying Biology. The most probable case is that you actually try to be more compassionate towards the human race and animal if it is not harming you. The whole thing of starting on something this good is highly recommended and if you have not started to feel the joy of the subject, it is the best that you start doing it right now.

To conclude that the whole part of this article is the fact that Biology is the most convenient and that it can actually help you to find the best of the lot to actually prove to you that this could have been one of the wonders that you can do to yourself.

To conclude I would also suggest to you that you decide on what do you want to do in life and with taking up Biology as a subject of study? It would help you to find the best version of you and can actually help you embark on a journey that you have pre-set for yourself. The more you go on, the more it becomes easier for you to select the best of all the things that this subject can offer.

Biology as a subject is also important for children and the adults. It will not only help you find the best in you, it will help all the children to love nature at its most. The study of the Biology can help the children to love the nature of the surrounding things and make them understand as to why it occurs. It makes them more compassionate and can prove to be very good for them. For them to grow and expand.

It would really be a help from both the ends and can allow each one of them to be a person knowing the happenings all around. The more they will be studying the Biology, they will be knowing the parts or Biology more which in turn can lead them to see the nature of the whole growth process in front of them.

Keep inspiring everyone to study Biology, keep inspiring everyone to make an impact in this society no matter how difficult it is and keep following your passion. Being a Doctor or a Botanist will not be solving all the problems in the society but it can help to start solving the issues with more compassion.

Keep up the spirit of studying Biology and keep the journey going. The more you start knowing, the more you actually feel the warmth of it.

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Nancie L Beckett is a renowned professional who expertise in the field of developing effective communicating skills amongst her students. She has got an MBA degree besides 6 years of teaching experience. She works at and helps out skills who reaches her out for guidance. She is quite friendly with her students thus they find her easily approachable.

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