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All You Need to Know About Business Ethics: Academic Help for Students

A Business Organization can be paralleled with an individual in multiple ways: a business organization can own its own property (assets), it can take loans, it has to follow certain laws and regulations in its operations. Now, as a person living in the society are required to adhere to certain moral standards, certain ‘ethics’, a business organization is similarly required to uphold an ethical behaviour.

To put it in simple words, a business organization too is supposed to have a moral standard; it must show the prudence to be able to distinguish between what is ethically right and ethically wrong, and must abstain from such behaviour, which might be considered ethically wrong.

Business Ethics assignment help

An assignment on business ethics might demand an involved participation from the student. It might require them to conduct a research to study the scenario of business ethics in a specified market, or their assignment might be entirely theoretical.

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Tell me more about Business Ethics

If you are trying to understand what Business Ethics is, an ideal way to go about it is to look at examples. There are certain activities which a business cannot undertake, for they are prevented by business ethics:

  • Code of conduct:

There are certain codes of conduct which must be followed by every employee within a business organization. In the recent times, we are all aware of issues such as workplace harassment. Business ethics strictly prohibits such behavior. An employer/ employee should not take an advantage of their position to exploit their subordinates. An attempt to intimidate another employee, bullying, threatening, blackmailing, using abusive language go on to violate the business ethics.

  • Labour ethics:

A subdivision of business ethics, labor ethics insist that the employees should be provided with certain facilities, and treated with a certain amount of respect and dignity. Labour ethics calls for egalitarian principles, it advices in favor of impartiality, opportunity for health, and a healthy and fulfilling work environment. The remunerations for their works must be just and they must not be exploited. Likewise, labor ethics strongly advise against discriminations like wage gap based on gender, or discrimination based on caste, creed, color, appearance and so on.

  • Ethics for the consumer

Business ethics does not only apply to the sellers/ producers of a product or to the employees in a business organization but also to the consumers. They prevent unethical behavior on the part of the consumers such as damaging and returning products, theft, and such.

To know more about business ethics, students can access our business ethics assignment help. The study of business ethics is a rather wide field and it covers a lot of issues, not all of them can be discussed elaborately here.

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