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How to draft a proper essay to score the best marks needed?

Essay writing is easy but it can be lengthy and time consuming if the proper time line is not drafted out correctly. Here are a few tips which can be kept in mind before writing a successful essay.

  • Selection of the right essay topic with a proper concentrated mind

Some topics need proper research and lot of effort to be drafted in a sheet of paper provided by the student. So topics with easy comprehension should be selected by students so that confusion is avoided as well. These topics should also focus on the prime matters and should be in the context so that the teachers can score them well.

  • Prepare a proper outline for your presented piece of statements

Organization of thoughts is a crucial thing while drafting an important essay. By collecting all the presented ideas and given creativity, the students should try to put them in a proper well drafted paper. A proper structure is created when a organization of thoughts are drafted on a single piece of paper.

  • Draft a proper introduction and body to justify all the selected source of points given

In essay writing, the introduction and the body are the most important part of the whole essay. It is therefore important to keep a proper introduction to the topic which is being covered in the whole essay. The body must not be lengthy and contain all fluff points which are repeated over and over throughout. A repetitive content can irritate the readers and make them lose interest easily.

  • Jot down the points given and try to solidify them

Essay writing is a form of convincing the readers that a definite piece of idea or information is drafted in a certain way to prove any point. This is done when the students get their points straight so that they can understand the whole topic by themselves. This also helps them to make their teacher’s understand a definite piece of statement and why they have chosen to emphasize on it.

  • Try to be neat and clean

The most important point about essay writing is making them neat and clean so that your teacher can understand what you have actually written in the paper. Don’t write any jibber-jabber and make sure you have a well looking essay in-front of you.

  • Add a proper conclusion to convince the readers

The conclusion makes the whole essay worth reading. The whole conclusion should be based on the sole idea of the topic which has been presented in the essay. Try to introduce short conclusions. The readers must understand the zest of the conclusion so that the writer’s idea is portrayed in a proper and well-presented way.

How to select the right essay topics to get well deserved marks?

Selecting the right essay topic is an important thing which should not be overlooked. Topics which have a wider reach tries to engage its audience so that the general idea can be delivered. Here are some of the ways through which the students can choose the right essay topic without going for the wrong one.

  • Choose a topic which is fresh and currently circulating everywhere. A topic which is generally old and has no audience surrounding them never draws any readers.
  • Choose a relevant topic which can yield tons of information on basis of writing. There are mainly two types of topics, one is the prominent type and the other is the one without any source of information regarding it.
  • Choose something which interests you and your intellectuality. If you don’t find something which interests you and as well as challenge your abilities, ask your teacher to do it for you. Tell them to pick a topic for you so that it can be hard, yet fun.
  • If you have already written a paper based on a single topic then you can reuse the same topic again. It is okay to reuse a topic but the next time you are writing about it, you have to approach it from a different angle of perspective.
  • Choosing offbeat topics just to have some fun with your essay writing is not a good thing. The first thing about offbeat topics is they can be stressful and can take your precious time while you are preparing for them. So choose something which is easy to research and easy to find on the Internet as well.
  • Don’t hesitate on a subject because it is a little difficult to write on. If you have selected a topic which is boldly interesting then ask your friends to help it out for you. If that topic is capable of earning you better scores from your teacher then you should definitely go for it.

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