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CAD means computer-aided program. It includes the study of the use of the computer system to give the creation, optimization, analysis, and modification of various designs.

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What is CAD?

CAD is the study of computer designs. There is CAD software which is used to improve the productivity of the designer by improving the quality of the design. It also helps to create a database for manufacturers. The output of the CAD software is in the form of electronic files that can be printed and use for various manufacturing operations.

It is used to make electronic designs as well as mechanical designs. The use of CAD in a number of applications has helped many students to make a bright career. And our CAD assignment help has helped them more in learning and making their designing concept much clearer.

CAD is an important industrial art which is extensively increasing nowadays. It is used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive industries, architectural designs and many more.

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