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What is Capital Structure?

When you learn Finance studies, you will come across a number of chapters that are extremely important and Capital Structure is one such topic. It is basically a combination of a number of factors such as —

  • Specific short-term debt
  • Long-term debt
  • Preferred equity
  • Common equity
  • Liabilities of a company.

In short, it is the equity and outstanding debt of a company. Our Capital Structure Homework Help services explain this in details.

Debt finances and equity finances:

Capital structure describes the ratio of the operating money or capital money of a company, between debt and equity.

  1. Debt finances:

This includes all types of credits and loans that the company has taken. This means that in future, the company will have to repay the debt and that too with interest.

  1. Equity finances:

When the company sells a portion of its interest or in simple words, its stocks to investors, it becomes equity finance. This fund will not have to be repaid with any direct obligation. Rather, the investors will earn a return for their investment in the form of profit.

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Understanding “Perfect Market”:

To understand the theory of Capital Structure, the concept of “Perfect Market” needs to be cleared at first. This market will have —

  • No taxes
  • No bankruptcy cost or transaction
  • Same interest rate for individuals and firms
  • Perfect information
  • Financing decisions will not affect investment decisions.

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