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What is Liquidity?

  • The ability of a business or company or entrepreneurial initiative to trade its bonds, stocks and assets at its present price is known as liquidity.
  • When larger organisations have an ability to meet their collateral obligations and cash obligations and have no possibility of substantial losses to be incurred, it is known as liquidity.

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About Cash Management:

There are three main parts to consist of Cash Management. These are —

  1. Managing corporate cash flows:

These cash flows include collections and payments.

  1. Managing short-term cash availability:

Availability of short-term cash means to have the right currency of cash, in the right time, in the right place and in the right amount.

  1. Managing cash balances:

This is done through cash concentration as well as manually.

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Importance of Cash and Liquidity Management:

To manage the cash and assets of a company or a business in the best possible way, it is important that the financing factors of that organisation are managed well. These include —

  • The cash flows
  • Sufficient funds
  • Bank accounts.

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