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CATIA is a computer-aided multi-platform software suite developed by a French company DassaultSystemes.It was started as In-house software by in 1977 by French Aircraft manufacturer. Later it was adopted in various industries like aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and other allied industries.

CATIA has many versions, starting from 1981. The versions are CATIA v1, v2, v3, v4, v5 to name a few. It is lovingly referred to as 3D Product Lifecycle Management Software. It aids in conceptualisation, engineering, design and manufacturing. It facilitates mechanical engineering and systems engineering.

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CATIA Homework Help

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The various topics for CATIA Homework Help are:

  • CATIA, Work benches in CATIA, Interfaces in CATIA, Sketcher, Sketcher interface, Commands, Pre-defined profiles, Dimensioning, Sketch operation, Part modelling, model trees to name a few.
  • CATIA assembly is also another important area, where we provide assistance. Then there are principals of top down, bottom up assembly, free hand manipulation of components, creation of bomb, checking of clearance, Scaling surface constraints.
  • Placing projection views, sectional and clip views, geometry creation are also areas that we cover with utmost dedication.

Our online CATIA experts cover the following aspects:

CATIA Modules with descriptions, applications, toolbars, graphic properties, visualizations, auto dimensions, and animate dimension, and sketch analysis, relation by formulae, solids visualization, shaft, groove, fillet pad, loft, and draft reflect line, shell and thickness.

This computer aided 3D software suite is famous in engineering and information system circles. You can divide these into two parts. It has 3D modelling interface   with tools and commands like Extrude and Revolve. Both surface and solid functions assist you in computer —aided design here.

It is the one and only solution which can address complete product development, conceptualisation and product service.  CATIA is complete engineering software which includes style, form, design, equipment, mock-ups, machine analysis as well as simulation.

CATIA helps in ventilation, piping, heating, HVAC mock-ups and is an important part of engineering.  Online homework assistance is available with us. Our tutors can give professional services in CATIA and cater to your demands all the time in the most competitive manner.

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