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From the time Java was founded back in 1991, it has become one of the most used programming languages all over the world! Categorized as an object-oriented language, it has minimal implementation dependencies in each case.  Is the quote “Java doesn’t come in C++ format” so familiar to you? Well! You must be very eager to learn details of this subject! At the very first step, you must note that JavaScript is not a cakewalk! To write the first program in this programming language can be a really hectic if you are not well prepared!

Do you know that Java 8 is the latest programming language that is only supported by Oracle? Already scared? Not to worry folks! A read through this blog can help you understand not only ways in which you can write your first program, but also give you an insight into the careers that you can pursue in this field. Read on!

The unique language – Java and the change it has brought:

For all those programmers, who has seen the development of this language over time, as well as students who have read the details of this subject, old programs had a number of arithmetic errors as well as leakage issues. The whole idea of jointly running similar binary concepts on various operating systems and processors was a huge technical mishap!

That is when Java entered the programming field and repackaged those earlier languages in a different format that was similar to the average C coder language. Thus, this script has transcended the challenges of development and remained as one of the top chosen languages in the programming department.

But for many, till date, writing a program in this language is a hectic job. Is it really? You will have to read on to delve into the core of this point!

Ways to write your first program:

Dump those jitters and follow these steps to write your initial program in this language. It’s not as tough as you think it to be!

  1. Set up the programming backdrop accordingly:

Mostly, the backdrop of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) as those of Netbeans and Eclipse is used to start off! After that, you will have to get a strong text editor that will help manage quality of text, and this is to be followed with correct installation of a Java kit.

  1. Creating the world based program:

In the next step, you will have to create a specific “Hello World” program which will further lead to the categorization of your class and method applied. Then a code will be provided which has to be saved and program compiled for continuing the next step. The compilation has to be specific as Hello World. Java, which in the next phase will help you run this Java program.

Since this language is extremely case sensitive, after each line a semicolon has to be added, and blocks of code that are used should be kept within the second bracket. Finally, when the world-class program is ready, the final trial run has to be done for correct functioning.

  1. Final entry and output of information:

Now, when this program is all set, the next step would be taking correct input from the concerned user, and then certainbuilt-in libraries have to be imported into this program. So, you have to use the scanner object that exists embedded within this program, and a new instance of an object has to be created. So, when the user puts in the concerned input, this scanner goes in a line –by – line check mode version and stores it within the variable. After all of this is complete, this program is once again compiled and put forth for a final run.

So, the process is not as hectic as you consider it to be right? Well, that is the magic of learning and using this language, and one of the primary reasons for its immense popularity in recent times!

Looking at a career in this language:

If you think that just knowing a programming language will not lead you to any brand new career, you have to think again! One of the most opted languages in current times, you can start off as a Java programmer at any of the software firms. If that’s not your calling, the entry-level application developer and programming language testing specialist can definitely be the arena you can professionally develop.

P.S. Make sure when you seek help from online sources for learning Java, the concerned academic forum is an authentic one! A wrong understanding of concepts can lead to a host of issues!

So, when are you writing your first program? Wish you luck!

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