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Completing a degree with any branch of engineering is not a piece of cake for students. From writing projects to finish assignments on time for extra credits, plays a crucial role in achieving success.

So, you know all these if you have gone through the course or syllabus. However, what you might not know is that when you opt for a research program, things become even difficult.

From having correct materials and information to complete things on time all are essential. However, you might not find answers always which you need without putting ample effort and time which is simply not possible always.

Why a few particular research topics are quite difficult; you will understand it once you go through this blog which explains a few research fields in detail.

Take a look!

  • Know about fluid mechanics and aerodynamics

This is one of the most interesting fields which mechanical engineers opt for researching.

Here, you would have to investigate numerous research topics which are associated with Fluid Mechanics. Any groups or laboratories that research on aerodynamics, thermal engineering, Fluids, etc.

But what research you have to do exactly? This is a question which can come to your mind!

Well, you might be working on projects such as computational algorithms’ development for design as well as aerospace vehicles’ analysis, controlling boundary layer, and turbulent jets’ differential diffusion’s study.

Apart from these, you can also opt for other research fields such as studying unsteady aerodynamics for airfoils and wings in supersonic and subsonic flows along with applications for oscillations’ control for aeroelastic, and next-generation air-breathing hypersonic engines.

Also, if you like can study vortices of wing tip from cyclical or fixed pitched wings or numerical and computational investigations of various heat exchangers.

This is the most researched fields when it comes to aerodynamics and Fluid mechanics. If you feel you are interested in this then opt for it. It is quite interesting as it helps one to discover various aspects that might revolutionize this field.

However, just from the names of the researching aspect, you can be understanding that creating projects and writing assignments on these, how hard it be. From having accurate data to explaining different components, everything hindrances a scholar’s ability to score well.

  • Biomechanics

This is another field where biomaterials and biomechanics’ group cover an array of topics.

Now if your research topic is biomechanics then you can always opt for topics such as cardiovascular engineering, bio devices, voice production, bio inspiration and biological materials’ mechanics, and also musculoskeletal biomechanics which focus on spine.

Research topics include designing new vascular catheters and stents, biological tissues’ characterization, and multi-objective and structural optimization of cages which are stent like to rotate catheter protection.

Also, you can opt for topics such as voice production models, designing, construction as well as evaluating implants required for vocal reconstruction or alteration, laryngeal flows’ numerical simulations.

Apart from these, you can also try your hand at topics such as fracture and deformation of teeth, bone, seashells, and also fish scales which is new material structure and design’s inspiration.

In addition, you can also opt for topics like composites which are bio inspired, ceramics or glass for bioengineering applications, protective systems, windows that are impact-proof, etc.

All these topics you can opt for extra-credit work. These are not easy topics and hence, students like you will face a lot of dilemmas completing it. However, this is as interesting as engineering can get.

  • Energy system and combustion

If this seems like your forte then you will have to create papers on applied and fundamental research on aspects of a shock wave, combustion, dynamics of compressible gas, and heat transfer.

Still not clear about what topics you can research and write about to score well? Well below the standard topics are given which you can follow.

Nowadays you can opt for topics such as alternative fuels’ combustion for automobiles and propulsion of aircrafts, solid particle’s combustion with water to produce hydrogen, combustion of super adiabatic, fuel-air and air mixtures’ particle combustion, and storage systems’ thermal energy.

You can also choose a topic which includes heat pipes loop, porous media, phase changing slurries, enhancement of heat transfer utilizing microencapsulated, net book desktops/computers’ cooling, optimizing devices for heat transfer, and detonations as well as explosions.

Other less common topics involve shock waves’ mechanism with fundamental propagation, heat exchangers which are ultra compact, hypersonic aerodynamics’ computational modeling, and propulsion of high speed.

Also, you can select a topic under this like thermoacoustics, combustion noise, and scramjet engines’ combustion which is oblique detonation.

All these come under the energy system and combustion. These are primarily research topics which people research on; hence, writing an assignment on these is not at all an easy task.

  • Design as well as manufacture

This is one of the most popular choices for people opting to research or write an assignment on. The primary aspect of this field is to simply focus on mechanical design, its creation and handling the process.

This is ideal for you if you are always searching for ideas and information for designs and more. What exactly are the topics which you can choose here? Have a look!

Integrated design approaches which will cover computational synthesis. Also, there are selection strategies and analysis of multi scale, particular applications’ search, and also industrial sector. This is what’s involved in designing and creation field.

Topics for you can range from biomimetic design to methodology for optimum design. The methodology might involve multidisciplinary or multi-objective optimization.

Apart from that, biomimetic design deals with hybrid materials (e.g. composite and cellular solids materials) and structure along with biomedical devices. These devices include heart and stents valves, robotic systems and its different mechanical components).

Mechanical engineering basically deals with designing and manufacturing the designed structures. Hence, most students opt for these above topics.

It is definitely not easy to complete a paper on these but most mechanical engineering students find this to be most interesting. So, you might take a liking to this most.

  • Dynamics and Control

As per the name suggest this field is all about controlling various aspects by improving dynamic structures.

Generally, you will have to focus on topics such as biomechanical dynamics, aerospace systems, shells and plates’ dynamics, multi-body systems, mechatronics, vibrations, space systems, non-linear dynamics, and robotics.

All these fields, be it robotics or aerospace systems, include something where dynamics, as well as control, plays an essential part in functioning correctly.

Dynamics and control play a crucial role in space and flight applications such as flight vehicles’ motion in the earth’s atmosphere and also in space.

Hence, when using a topic from these fields one has to present data and process, to correctly figure dynamics of things for ideal control.

However, ensure that you have proper schematics and plan for having the best outcome that will help you fetch remarkable grades.

  • Structures and materials

This is another field which is quite interesting to most mechanical engineering students. Structures and its materials primarily focus on optimization and development of materials and process.

Also, another aspect of this field is devices utilized for operating under an extreme condition or environment and a few particular special applications.

Topics can range from processing of composite fabrication, designing, fabricating, analyzing, as well as testing remarkable performing of composite formation for aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, and consumer products.

Coming up with excellent designs for structures and materials which is nature inspired, advanced materials’ development, MEMS devices utilized for energy harvesting and sensing.

Also, you can try your hands on thin nanocomposite films’ mechanics’ fundamental studies along with biological materials’ fracture and deformation’s micromechanics, multi-scale analysis, optimization and design of cellular solids as well as deployable microstructures.

In addition, other aspects include development and modeling nanocomposites’ polymer.

Recent topics which come under this and you can choose as your topic is component design for helicopters, automobiles body panels, any new process of fabrication for airframe structures’ composite, bicycle composite components, and micro fuel cells.

Other less common topics might include lattice materials which are ultra light for structural aerospace components, energy harvesting for micro-energies, a musical instrument from natural fiber, armor systems’ fracture mechanics, and also composite materials which are bio-inspired.

Mostly, structure and materials fields include a vast number of topics as most aspect of mechanical engineering fields deals with various types of materials as well as structure.

Hence, the opportunities are massive which makes a lot of scholars opt for this research field later in their life.

This is why this field is quite popular among students along with design and creation.

  • Interaction of Fluid structure, Acoustics, and Vibrations

This is another field of research which deals with computational, experimental, as well as theoretical research on different topics.

It includes slender structures’ non-linear dynamics, non-linear vibrations, and interaction of fluid structure, bladed disks, and non-linear rotor dynamics, vibrations which is flow induced, biochemical applications, and thermo acoustics.

Assignments on these topics

You can opt for the above-mentioned topics to complete a paper for scoring well.

These topics aren’t easy but it can be adequately presented the excellent grades are achievable. However, you need to keep in mind that it is only possible to choose one yourself if your professor hasn’t assigned a particular topic.

These are the most promising fields in the research world of mechanical engineering which is why it is the most sought after career paths for scholars.

If you fancy any of these fields the starting early researching about them and writing as many papers as you need is a good way to stay in touch with modern world development in these fields.

However, writing a paper on these isn’t easy! Keep that in mind.

Complexities of these topics

There are many complexities which you might face when dealing with these topics.

One of the most common issues you might face is having ample and accurate information. There is still development happening in these fields. Hence, you will not always receive amp [le information.

Moreover, it will be hard to come by data that will help you prove your point. Also, having very less resources combining stats becomes difficult which might make you unsure about what information you provide in your project.

Apart from it, there might be portions which might be hard for a scholar like you to understand. Hence, completing your work becomes unpleasant and difficult.

This might result in late submission or sloppy work.

How to deal with such complexities?

There are numerous ways to deal with such intricate problems. First of all, whenever, you plan on starting a project, do whatever research you need to perform. However, before drafting your paper discusses the information and your approach with your professor.

It helps you to understand a topic in-depth and also if you have any doubt they will surely clear it out.

Next, you can simply opt for group discussions with your project partners of classmates.

This will broaden your view of topic and understand how each one is willing to approach the same topic.

Moreover, discussing with friends will also help you catch on any mistake which you might have made or if any portion you might have understood differently.

Also, make sure you do ample research on internet as it will offer you the recent developments which might have taken place in a topic you chose to write.

Later when you choose a field for further studies and research make sure that you opt for something that you really love doing and have a clear understanding of it.

So, know that you know about the various research fields available for you and different topics for your assignment, choose the one which you love doing.

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