Chemical Engineering Graduates: The World of These 3 Professions Await Yo

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The Chemical Engineering graduates have a dynamic future. Engineering has a dynamic career in respect to the other careers. Though there are divisions of engineering yet the chemical engineering stands out of all. The chemical engineering graduates are absorbed as employers in gas and oil extraction, oil refining as well as pharmaceutical industries. Nowadays jobs for all sorts of engineering students have almost come to a standstill.

The important career choices

There are 3 most interesting careers after pursuing the chemical engineering careers. 

  1. Chemical Technologist:

Chemical Technologist, they are the technologist who provides technical support in chemical-related field. They will be working under direct supervision depending on their specific position and duty.

Conducting many chemical experiments and tests during microscopy is an important work. It remains to be one of the most important of all the jobs that are provided to the chemical engineers. It includes many such specifications and many responsibilities which no matter what have to be executed by them. There are works of testing and judging the parametric values of the products used in a varied range of fields. Mainly in oil and refinery industry these engineers are absorbed so that the quality and the consistency of the product are maintained throughout.

Laboratory equipment gas and sample formulation remains to be one of the very important jobs of the chemical engineers and forms a part of the profession of them. The laboratory equipments have always been subjected to various scrutinies and hence have to be adjudged a special position. Chemical technologist is the people who are entrusted with the responsibility of carrying off the responsibility and living up to the needs.

Interpretation of the results of experiments also forms as one of the major duties of a technologist.

  • Design Engineer:

Moving on to the other career as a chemical engineer is a Design Engineer. They help to design the chemical equipments and is equally important a career after studying chemical engineering. They help to design the equipments and make it useful after proper scrutiny.

  • Safety Engineer:

Safety Engineer is another profession which is extremely lucrative. Once you become a chemical engineer, you can be well trusted upon.

There are several other professions that you can actually take up, yet being a chemical engineer you can obviously think of the above mentioned professions without even doubting. The words of being an engineer are actually fruitful once you have actually embarked on the mission. The chemical engineering as a matter of fact is an extremely important profession.

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Apart from the other professional courses, being a teacher in this field can obviously empower you and enlighten you. There are difficulties too in this course; however there are aspects of a brighter tomorrow. In the beginning of this article the first profession that was mentioned was a chemical technologist. If that is the thing which you would have thought off then it will be the best.

In various colleges in India there are opportunities of studying chemical engineering however not many know the varied scope of it. There is however no looking back once you starts studying this. You can talk it with your professor as well as other people about it. An extreme bright future will be waiting for you.

Something very new!

It is to be kept in mind that being a chemical engineer takes a lot of determination and you can always keep trying to improve yourself. There are ways of improving. One such way is through your skill and practicing what you preach. There are changes in today’s society that has been accepted and this form of engineering was also not popular few years ago but now the time has changed and people have started accepting changes in the modern career choices. That you have to follow the same path that has been followed by all, is not necessary and any different career choices can be opted.

There are opportunities where the career of people has been talked off more than anything else and there comes this profession of chemical engineering. In all cases, this career if chosen can be trusted upon and as mentioned earlier Nancie.L.Beckett will always be your support.

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In this article a lot has been talked off the profession of a chemical engineer but at the end of the day it is you who will be deciding which one to go for. Even after the top three career opportunities have been discussed, you can embark on something different and keep exploring.

Most chemical Engineering graduates:

When it comes to pursuing a career as a chemical engineer, there are quite few demanding jobs which one can try their hands on. But first let’s have an insight into what chemical engineering is all about and what it offers to the students.

One of the primary aspects of chemical engineering is learning the art of converting raw materials into useful ones. Be it for clothing, drinks and energy or food, chemical engineers are required in almost all these industries. Focus of chemical engineers lie on productions and processing of raw materials.

They are given the freedom to explore their knowledge and construct new processes and improve the pre-existing one in order to create valuable products. They are often hired by the company to test the quality of the product and give them an idea about what can be done in order to increase the products yield.

Thus, chemical engineers also have to abide by the environmental aspect. They need to manage resources adequately by balancing the array of health and safety of the consumers alike.

Chemical engineering students are also tagged with the title of ‘universal engineers. Since the field needs the students to have an idea about the broad spectrum of disciplines. They are also required to transform the useless products into value worthy ones.

Many students, who have lots of interest in core chemistry, are often attracted to take up chemical engineering as a future career opportunity. But truth be told, there are only about 20% of the physical chemistry-based topics that are being covered during this course.

Though student’s knowledge in biology is tested during this course of study, but its only limited to a few specialized portions when one proceeds into further studies. So, students must have a clear notion about what they would get to learn if they take up chemical engineering.

For avid chemistry lovers, it might not be the most suitable of subjects to opt for.

Opting for chemical engineering is quite challenging since it is going to involve lot of mathematics, physics and a good number of regular exams at degree level.

But if a student finds it intriguing and is well fascinated with all the scientific requirements be it persevering and growing a genuine interest for the subject then they will surely succeed.

Chemical engineering degrees are of two kinds namely Bachelor’s degree and Masters engineering. The latter is comprehensively for a longer duration and is typically about 1-2 years more than bachelor’s degree since it requires further in-depth studies.

Whether its Meng or BEng, students are required to kick-start their courses based on pure as well as applied mathematics, physics and computational problems. Gradually students will develop a better understanding on this entire subject and will get an option of preference. If they have a wish of taking their education a step further, they will have the privilege of choosing from any one of these above-mentioned fields.

During the course of advanced study, students will be allowed to spend time on their lab-based works and on large scale industrial projects. They will also be given ideas on the financial, environmental and ethical issues which are some of the wider aspects of this field of study. To make your understandings clearer, taking up mathematics and physics as additional subjects will benefit the students to a great extent.

General public are quite unaware about the fundamentals of chemical engineering. They only have a vague idea about what the subject offers and what are its disciplines.

 But when it comes to the field of employment, there is a huge element of respect for subjects such as mathematics and science. Employers recognize the challenges that chemical engineers have to undergo in order to become successful in their respective fields.

So even though this subject is relatively unknown, there is good recognition for academic degrees which are essential for developing useful skills. 

A common question that pops up in students mind regarding whether they can change their respective field and jump into other related fields after pursuing chemical entering. Well the yes to this question is very much affirmative. If students have interest in the field of nuclear science, petroleum or environmental engineering, then they can definitely jump to a different boat.

This is possible because chemical engineering develops a broad field of ideas to the students thus providing them multiple options to test their knowledge in diverse field of study. But in order to change subject, one must first complete their post graduate studies and have a proper degree to qualify for these fields.

Once a student has completed the required course for being a chemical engineer, then they can have a good number of options to choose from which includes pharmaceutical, information and energy technology. Almost all of these fields require the engineers to use their skills and develop existing processes besides creating new methods in order to alter materials. Some of the jobs roles are:

  • Chemical engineers are often hired in chemical plants as well as system operators. They are hired by many chemical companies for manufacturing soaps, coatings, paints, pesticides and many more. The engineers are mainly required to test the standard of the products and to certify whether the products have maintained all the necessary environmental standards.
  • Large number of chemical engineers is hired in chemical goods manufacturing plants where they required manufacturing goods from raw materials. During the processing of material, the engineers are required to run many tests and adjust the operations. They are also required to inspect the products quality at the end of processing so that the product meets customers satisfaction.
  • Food manufacturing companies hire a good number of chemical engineers to evaluate the nutritional values, colours, preservatives, flavour and texture of the food. Biotechnologists are hired by the pharmaceutical companies and many research groups to develop new vaccines, drugs and also artificial organs.

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