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Introduction to Chemistry:
Chemistry is a branch of physical science that lays emphasis on the study of the composition, structure, properties and change of matter. Chemistry is a interesting science subject which deals with the properties of individual atoms, the combining of atoms to form molecules and chemical compounds and their interactions through chemical reactions to form different substances. It is also referred to in literary circles as the bridge between the other branches of natural science such as physics, biology and geology. You can encounter chemistry in everyday life and hence a basic understanding of chemistry is absolutely essential. Chemistry is a subject which requires a professional touch and hence students feel the need to seek help with chemistry homework.

Different types of Chemistry:
Chemistry comprises of the following different types based on the nature of chemicals and their reactions.
1.    Physical Chemistry
2.    Analytical Chemistry
3.    Organic Chemistry
4.    Inorganic Chemistry

A.    Physical Chemistry: Physical chemistry is the study of atoms, molecules and compounds based on the concepts and laws of physics. The physical properties of the atoms and molecules are studied in detail in this branch of chemistry. There is a difference between physical chemistry and chemical physics which you are required to understand.

B.    Analytical Chemistry: Analytical chemistry deals with separation, identification and quantification of the chemical compounds. This is further divided into qualitative and quantitative analysis which determines the identity of the chemical species and the amount of certain compounds in the substance respectively.

C.    Organic Chemistry: This sub-discipline of chemistry involves study of the structure, properties and reactions of organic compounds. Organic compounds are those compounds which necessarily contain carbon atoms.

D.    Inorganic Chemistry: Inorganic chemistry is the study of synthesis and behaviour of all chemical compounds other than organic compounds. There are various sub-disciplines including metallurgical chemistry, industrial chemistry etc.

Seeking Assistance:
Who can help with chemistry homework? Chemistry is an interesting but intricate subject which requires proper guidance at every step of your study. Your chemistry teacher is one person who can be of valuable assistance to help with chemistry assignment. Your laboratory assistant is another person who you can look forward to offer chemistry homework help. Chemistry is a subject which can be studied in a group and so the most appropriate person with whom you can be most comfortable with is your own fellow student.

a)    Chemistry teacher: Chemistry is a subject which teachers love teaching and they would be more than eager to offer help with chemistry assignment. In-depth analysis is required to understand chemistry at a micro level and who better than your own teacher to approach to for chemistry assignment help.

b)    Laboratory assistants: These laboratory assistants are a neglected lot. Students usually nurse a feeling that these assistants would not have deep knowledge so as to offer help with chemistry assignment. This is far from the truth. In reality these laboratory assistants are as capable as chemistry teachers and approaching them for chemistry homework help is the most intelligent thing to do.

c)    Fellow students: Group study is the best for of study for subjects such as chemistry. You can clear each other’s doubts easily and seek mutual chemistry assignment help.

d)    Online help: Due to the proliferation as well as the easy availability of the internet this has become the most popular methods to seek chemistry assignment help.

Online resources:
Internet is a treasure trove of knowledge and seeking chemistry homework help from the internet has become very easy in today’s times. As a matter of caution certain points have to be borne in mind to avoid confusion.

a.    The person from whom you seek help should be qualified enough to help you or else you may end up teaching him rather than learning from him.

b.    Remember that he may be able to help you only to a certain extent. You have to do the spadework yourself in order to be successful.

c.    You should never be afraid to ask questions as that is the only way in which you can learn.

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Adequate knowledge of chemistry makes the student a rational person.

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