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The programming language COBOL was developed around the early 1950s but owing to the increasing standards of computer programming it is considered to be old school by some. But COBOL is still actively used by programmers from across the globe and it does not seem to become obsolete any time soon.

Students are introduced to COBOL generally in the first semester of college. It is obvious for them to require extra COBOL homework help to understand the topic and the specific coding pattern.

Features and uses of COBOL

As mentioned earlier, COBOL was one of the earliest well-constituted programming languages. It stands for Common Business Oriented Language. As the name suggests, COBOL was developed to build the business, human resources, and also finance applications that could run on large mainframe systems (computers).

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One of the main advantages of using COBOL is that since the codes are conveniently spelled out it helps programmers to understand the codes more easily. This means that since COBOL makes use of English phrases and words, the codes are more readable as compared to other programming languages.

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For better learning of COBOL here are some of its common features-

  • COBOL is the programming language that initiated the automation of business and finances.
  • It offers both visual and object programming environments
  • Integrated directly to the World Wide Web
  • COBOL is known to permit both long words as well as small characters like word-connectors etc.
  • Every variable in operation is defined clearly. This includes decimal digits and also the position of the decimal points.

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