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Cobra is defined as an all-purpose programming language that has an object-oriented approach. It was developed by Charles Esterbook. Cobra is open source software. There are several major applications and advantages of using Cobra over any other object-oriented programming languages.

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Understanding Cobra for beginners

Cobra is a well-constituted programming language that has high-level syntax. It offers certain language-level elements that add to the quality. This mainly includes Eiffel-style scripts and also first-class unit tests. It provides certain other coding advantages that include the pound-bang line and also the feature of single step compile and run.

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Advantages of using Cobra over other programming languages

Although there are numerous other options when it comes to object-oriented programming languages, yet several developers opt for Cobra. This is primarily because it is a culmination of C++, Ruby, and Python etc. It has complete backing for contracts, compile time and unit tests. It constitutes the major features like classes, generics, interfaces, indexers, overloading, exception handling, properties, and garbage collection.

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Some other advantages of Cobra-

  • Quick execution
  • Fast expressive coding
  • Static as well as dynamic binding

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