Contemporary Topics for Persuasive Essays: Topics That Will Impress Your Readers

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What are persuasive essays?

Before selecting topics for persuasive essays, students need to know what persuasive essays are. Argumentative essays are something everyone is familiar with. In an argumentative essay, you are supposed to present your own perspective regarding the matter and then defend your position. What matters is how well you can defend  your argument.

Persuasive essays take it a step ahead. In a persuasive essay, the writer is not only supposed to present their own opinions regarding the matter, but the agenda here should be to convince the readers to follow the same stand. The writer, hence, should not just present a perspective but must present facts to show what they are saying is the truth that cannot be rightly challenged.

The reader, therefore, must join the cue with the writer regarding the issue. The reader must be pursued.

How to write a persuasive essay?

There are a number of aspects that need to be considered while writing an essay. Let us try and divide them into sub-parts for the sake of convenience:

  1. Structure of the essay:

The essay must have an introduction, the body, and a conclusion at all times.

First of all, you must pan out the structure of the essay in your mind so it becomes easy to establish your points when you get down to work. Introduce the topics for persuasive essays respectively, sharing the popular opinions regarding the matter. State your own opinion clearly, and your goal in the paperbefore moving onto the body of the essay.

The body of the essay is where you, using facts and conjectures, prove why your opinion is the correct one and why the same perspective should be adopted by the reader as well.

The conclusion is where you briefly sum up all that you have said in the course of the essay.

  1. The content of the essay:

It is important to mention that writing a persuasive essay is the same as writing a research paper in many ways. Here too you have to choose topics for persuasive essays to start with, and then come up with a title. Hereafter you have to determine your own stand regarding the problem.

Conduct thorough research to come up with facts and figures that establish your stand as the valid one. Use personal narrative and real-life experiences to persuade the readers to look at the matter in a similar fashion.

Most importantly, you must believe in the matter yourself before you can hope to convince others. So decide your topic and your stand without unambiguously.

Topics for persuasive essays

Now that you know what persuasive essays are and how you’re supposed to write one, let’s get down to business. Let us take a look at some topics that could make your persuasive essay a success!

  1. Environment and animal rights:

Any person who is not a complete moron can see that the human species alone has harmed the environment in the last 200 years more than all other species combined since the beginning of time. Yet we have prominent figures, politicians and capitalists, who publicly opine that global warming or climate change isn’t even real.

The oceans todayare polluted to the point where several marine species are now on the verge of extinction. Yet, not enough ventures are being undertaken to spread awareness.

Likewise, animal life is being exploited by mankind day in and day out. The dairy industry violates animal rights like no other. Animals are raised and bred merely to be exploited for the meat, milk, skin they have to offer. They are reduced to commodities. The 2017 movie Okja brilliantly exposes such industries and is something you can refer to for an example.

It is high time we address these issues, and this a topic where it would be easy to make people see why your stand is the ethical one, and why they should follow your suit. At the same time, you shall be creating awareness with your work, thereby doing the world a favor.

  1. Reforming the education system:

There can be much to say and write on educational topics for persuasive essays. In every part of the world, people hold some opinion or the other about their prevalent educational systems. Now, this might be with respect to the education system in general, or the regulations followed by a particular institution,

The writer can select their area of research as per their convenience. That is to say, you may choose to critique the academic system of your own school or university, bringing to light the problems (like excessive coursework) and suggesting the solution.

Alternatively, one can focus on broader topics like:

  • Should education be made free for all?
  • Are SATs competent modes of evaluating students?
  • Are summer courses a mere trope to exploit international students?
  1. Social Media and mental health Issues:

Writes would always benefit from choosing topics for persuasive essays which are highly relevant in the contemporary times. Two things that are a major part of the urban young adults’ lives these days are the internet and mental health issues.

More and more cases of mental illness are being recorded among young adults every year, and scientific researches have been able to correlate the same with an overuse of the internet, or the social media to be precise.

You’d do good to narrow down your subjects. For instance, you might like to choose urbane Americans between the age of 13 to 25 for your study.

If you choose something related to this as your essay topic, you shall have ample material at your disposal to conduct a thorough, scientific research. Establishing your point with approved facts would be rather convenient in this case.

These are only a few fields that you might explore. Once you do a little research related to these fields, you’ll be able to come up with multiple topics for persuasive essays on your own. Work on something you believe in and good grades and recognition shall come your way! Good luck with the work!

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